Eve Sanctuary for New Players

It seems the Mittani, in all his infinite wisdom, has recently proposed a Newbie Zone within New Eden to help new players enter the game.  Drackarn over at Sand, Cider and Spaceships has a nice follow-up to that idea as well. All of which is extremely valuable and worthy of reading and considering.

Back in the Fall of 2011 I wrote a series of posts predicting events to come in 2012. Part of that series was a concept that I put forth called Sanctuary, which remains in my humble opinion, the best core concept for the New Player Experience.

The essential concept works within the existing state of New Eden and doesn't require any new space, or weird instances, or additional space to be created. As we all know, each new player is already being "born" within several existing systems known as Rookie Systems. Rixx was born in Todaki, for example.

The idea is to limit each of those Rookie Systems (or combine them) to only young players. No one else can enter. (Perhaps there is an age limit.) New players would have the option of signing into the program or simply just flying out of system, since many new players are actually older players - we can't trap people without their consent. Once signed in the Tutorials would be structured in a tiered system leading to graduation. These tutorials would be helpful, interactive, and expose the new player to various forms of potential Eve game play. All while engaging them with other players within the system.

That is the essential bits. The rest is simply blue-sky concepts. But mini-games are possible within this frame-work. The ability to fly and experience different ships. The concept of working together to achieve goals, or flying solo to achieve your own. The structure is open-ended at this point obviously, but the goal should be to provide a safe learning environment for a few days. To get the new player comfortable with Eve and how it works. To lead them a bit and show them a taste of what is possible.

Eve has been a find your own way experience for a long time. And that is certainly its power. But it can be a rather soul crushing experience for the first time player. And it really shouldn't be.

Whatever the final core concept becomes, and what doesn't matter as much as SOON! The goal should be to make Eve a little easier those first few days. To engage the new player in this strange new world, and to help them understand a bit more about how they fit into it.

It should have been done already.

How many more trials can we afford to fail?


  1. Those of you who are "Eve Famous" need to make this a common cause and figure out some way to get CCP to act. Rolling "burns" of the existing rookie systems organized by high SP players/corps. Burn Cistuvaert . Burn Todaki. Burn Chaven. Or something else, anything you guys can think of that would force CCP's hand. You might not agree exactly with Mittens et all on what exactly needs to change, but you're all certain the status quo is unacceptable.

    1. Tbh I don't care exactly what or who or how, only that the discussion starts somewhere. Eve's retention is horrible and it shouldn't be relegated to the back burner for another decade.

    2. You've inspired me sit in the help channel for a few hours today.

  2. No, we can not afford more accounts to fail. But I don't see there any traction to change the mind of predators.


    Not the first time I have seen this "play style". Basically shoot first and check later. The missing ingredient from these people is restraint. I am reminded of this:


    The argument up to now has always been; will the game keeps growing, so there is nothing wrong with a toxic environment. (my second favorite is "we adhere to the letter of law" and therefore shocked when punished). Well the game has stopped growing - and we see even the King of Space weigh into fray.

    I don't see it changing because it is too entrenched into the fabric of the game.

  3. I agree with Rixx. The NPE is a soul crushing exercise. I vividly remember my first attempts at playing EVE back in 2006. Back then there were far less newbie friendly resources available and the game itself was brazenly toxic to new players. The UI was horrible (and in many ways still is). CCP still haven't improved the default Overview settings which are an abomination for the new player.

    As a full PvP game the NPE needs to be super slick and encourage the positive aspects of EVE during a new players initial learning period. I don't see this improving any time soon. The Vikings in Iceland are too entrenched in their way of developing the game. CCP needs to be careful as many new players will abandon EVE and head towards better more newbie friendly space games (ie. Elite Dangerous & Star Citizen) that encourage the visceral feel of space combat and not just a bunch of red crosses in a virtual space RTS.

  4. Well to be honest I would say this why not chat to them smile at them give them a heart attack by dropping 20mil isk in their laps. I make it a secondary job to not only befriend noobies but also people new to my space, if you don't already and I'm sure some of you do give it a try.


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