Pirate Admin

Lately Rixx has been spending more and more time locked upstairs in the luxurious Stay Frosty Office Tower dealing with Administration details, politics, Wars and various other sundry things that need dealing with.

Especially during the last two weeks this has started eating into his playtime rather considerably. The last four days it is pretty much all he's had time for.

Now, your first reaction might be, "Gosh, Rixx must hate that kinda thing!", or "I feel sorry for Rixx." If so, you'd be wrong on both counts. Don't get me wrong here, I'd rather be flying around and exploding things. And I certainly don't want to become a full time Pirate Desk Jockey. Ugh.

But this season of admin duties has also coincided with an incredible burst of growth for A Band Apart and our member corporations. Summer is coming to an end and the fires have been lit under a few feet. Our new Corps are settling in, we won a rather large and protracted War (which brought us to the attention of some other War Dec Corps.), and have had some challenging growing pains inside the darkness of several Wormholes. I've also started teaching some classes and am encouraging others to do the same. Not to mention getting Jabber set up, and all the other details that need detailed.

In other words, I am very excited and pleased about where things are going. If that means I have to take some time to help things along, then that is time well spent. Either way, my playtime is rather limited at the moment. My boys are back home from their various Summer camps, everyone wants to go do things, my new company is taking off and getting busier and busier, and there are a million things to be done. I've got two short films in the works, a New Eden vector map I'm working on (MY EYES!) and a couple of other side projects I'm excited about. Sheesh.

But that's all normal.

This time of year is always like this.

Onward and upward.