Alliance Thief: MiLLY MiLLZ

MiLLY MiLLZ, former pilot in Stay Frosty and founder of our WormHole Corporation Supreme Mathematics, is an Alliance/Corp Thief. His known alt accounts are ALISON WONDER LAND and MILL GATES. (Mary Poppinz, Oodle Lalley and Scrooge McDuck Duck are also suspected alts) He is wanted for the crimes of betraying the corporate trust, stealing directly from members, emptying corporation wallets, stealing from a charity donation jar, and generally behaving like an asshat. (My term for it.) He most likely also hates dogs and little children.


I made a promise that I would "out" this butt-head on this blog and I keep my promises. But, more importantly, this story isn't about him and what he did. This post is about an amazing group of people that jumped into action, took responsibility, helped their fellow players and took what could have been a dark moment in our history - and turned it into a matter of pride.

The story goes back about a month ago when a new Corporation joined our Alliance. The new guys picked a bad time to join and got caught up in an ongoing war. Sadly they, and us, were not prepared to help each other and they lost a considerable amount in the ensuing carnage. To some in our Alliance this meant it was time to pass the hat around. Within a very short span of time over 6b in Isk and Assets were donated, more than enough to cover their losses.

We held off on distributing the donations until the new group could become settled and potentially merge with our main WH Corporation. This process took a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, another group in our Alliance started a new Capital Ship Building Program. This was another great example of inter-corporation cooperation and many of our members donated Isk, assets and training time to the effort.

The CEO of MATH had been on hiatus during most of the Summer. Other Directors had stepped up to take on the responsibilities of running and growing the Corporation. They were all doing an incredible job. A similar situation has been happening within our HS Corporation as well. People stepping up to take on additional responsibilities and make things happen. The train was really rolling.

As things do, all of this came together smoothly last week. The new WH group was merging into MATH. The Capital Ship Program had raised considerable funds. And I finally gave the order to release the donated charity funds. It was that very day that proved to be too much for the, up until then, afk CEO of MATH.

Now this could be the end of that story. I've personally been a part of Corporations that quickly failscade after such an incident. I've seen it happen. Instead our members sprang into action in incredible, amazing and extremely swift ways. Immediate. Over the past three days they have put forth an incredible amount of effort in securing member assets, moving towers, evacuating space, re-starting a new Corporation, and sharing with ALL of our members news, information and action details.

It has simply been one of the proudest moments in our short history as an Alliance.

The thief may have taken a significant chunk of Isk, but it is - after all - only fake money. What he gave us in return was more significant than numbers. He gave us all a chance to work together, and overcome this challenge - together.

Yes, it stings. And I hope he burns in Hell. (Rewards are available for his pod killmail by the way!) But in the final analysis this will just be a small bump in the road. We've exchanged a rat and an afk leader, for a group of dedicated, tested, and proven leaders that will take our new WH Corporation to new heights. And by example and assistance, have helped us to forge a strong Alliance of friends.

We remain A Band Apart. And A Band United.

Keep the courage.
Rixx Javix

I would like to publicly give a special thank you to the following individuals for outstanding action and dedication during this time.

• Alice Vorpalis
• Grimmash
• Soro Harbon
• Sanders Schmittlaub
• Draiv Solregard
• Narook
• Dr La'vey
• lasterax
• And everyone else who lent a hand. Thank you.


  1. Even all the portraits look guilty.

  2. It's good to see a bunch of EVE players come together to help each other out, no matter how "bad" they are made out to be as pirates. Your pvp, your gamestyle, that's all it is - gamestyle for a game many of us love to play. It looks to me that you will grow stronger from this event.

    I would not delve too much into the actual thief, that would just inflate his/her ego and bother you some. Move on, as you seem to be doing and keep doing what you do best and by all means, ENJOY EVE !!


    1. That's the plan. Wanted to "out" him publicly but also make this post not about him as much as it is about how we responded as a group.

    2. awww lil piwate, what you really wanted, as previously in your articles was some attention, some bro luv huhhh! Well you got it, cause seems your fans are suckling down your titties for your heroism and righteous act - Keep Courage! hahahaha :P

      So, let's respect each others gameplay; yours - a pirate; MiLLZ's - a good thief; Mines - the spy, and your fans - the minions.

    3. I write a blog. Not much use if no one reads it. Luckily, thru the power of hard work and years of dedication, I have a respectable audience of great readers and lousy anonymous haters. Neither of which qualify as minions. The fact that you think that says more about you than anything.

      I also don't happen to believe theft is actual gameplay. While I appreciate that the "result" of theft brings content, I don't have to respect the act itself. And I choose not to. As for spying, bring it on. We are open recruitment so we are the easiest and laziest bunch to spy on, doesn't say much for your abilities frankly.

    4. Every play style has consequences to one's actions. If you consider corp theft a play style, then you have to look at the reporting of such action as a consequence of it. No more, no less... Like all Eve things, it's risk vs reward. You risk your reputation over the reward of your theft. ABA is just playing their part ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Snoud

      Originating as a common misspelling of 'sound', to refer to something as 'snoud' is to express one's agreement or condoning of a particular activity or proposition in much the same manner as 'sound' has come to mean in modern slang.

      Takes on similar meanings to 'awesome', 'epic', 'sound', 'safe' and 'noice'.

    2. *tosses the troll a bone*

      Go chew on that for a bit, it'll be the most useful thing you've done today.

    3. Let's get this straight right off the bat - I am mad all the time! I don't just "snoud" mad, I am completely freaking looney, mad as a hatter, nuts, off my rocker and otherwise insane. Ask anyone.

      There, that should put that to rest.

    4. That is the Rixx we all came to like.

      Btw: check your ingame mail

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  5. 10/10 would read again but you should of talked more about me!

    1. So typical. It doesn't pet the peen if no one notices, does it?

  6. Pirate Tears Best Tears! huhuhuh

    1. and...MiLLY did not leave. Least not all of his allies :)

    2. Who cares? He is kicked out of the Alliance, he gave up his shares, he is set red, if he shows up we'll shoot him, he's been reported, outted, labeled, and otherwise known for what he is. If there is a corner of the eve universe full of anonymous commenters that will welcome him then so be it. More power to you. Eventually the isk will run out.

    3. our isk never runs out. nor do our alts inside your corp/alliance who will give him and us the keys of your treasuries, wh holdings, etc. we will break your will pirate!

    4. Good luck!

      I've met Will, and you're going to need more than the keys to the treasure room to break him or us!

      Also, we don't have keys to the treasure room. We have a password. Its 1-2-3-4-5. Will came up with it.

    5. lol... im such a nooby spy, i won't know how to sneak in and out. TY for the easy pw :))

    6. lolz. My "will" cannot be broken. And better than you have tried. So good luck with that.

  7. Seems quite pathetic to sell your reputation for such a paltry sum.

  8. I wanted to recover some of that ISK from his still-smoking hull anyway. The offer of a prize is just icing on the cake.

  9. People have to accept this is part of the game. AWOX'ing and corp theft are simply an extension of the many playstyles in EVE. Besides we haven't heard from Milly Millz perspective as to why he did it. Hopefully it was something more interesting than just wanting to steal ISK to pay for more free gametime. That would be most uncreative. Looking forward to the full story on TMC!

  10. A bit late to the party but sad to see this, out of everyone I did not think Milly would be tempted to do this, we were careful and looking out against AWOXers with the vision of creating this corporation for people like us who can't fully commit but still want to venture into WH's without a real care of what is going to happen inside. Looks like he might of done this purely for the scam side of things. Sorry to all the MATH people and hopefully I will join back one day, always better with a mortal enemy.

  11. Hahahahah! HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is hilarious. Good work MiLLY, looks like you got a whole post to yourself too. :P


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