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Ferox Art Print
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Because I don't already have more than enough on my plate, I decided to add yet another project. I've always loved and appreciated the variety and design sensibilities of Eve's many spaceships, it was one of the things that drew me to the game in the first place. So I'd like to honor that by creating a new series of Art Style Posters featuring each of the major ships in our universe.

There are many talented artists that can do things with 3d that I can only dream of doing, and the ships are already beautifully rendered in-game in glorious 3d. So I've decided to go in a different direction, to try and capture the angles, the looks, the feel of each ship in a clean, minimal-design sense that is "hopefully" something a little different. 

Before you ask, no I am not doing one for every single ship available. I'll be using my own judgement when it comes to which ships I want to take the time and energy to portray, but I do plan on doing one of each of the 'major' ships in New Eden. That gives me some room for sanity.

The Flickr Album is located here if you'd like to bookmark it for future reference.

Also, I'd like to mention that each poster is available for FREE in glorious hi-resolution at 11x17 and 300dps if anyone is interested in having an actual printed piece to hang on their wall. Since CCP won't allow me to provide those to you, you'll have to write me an email and special request a copy thru Dropbox or email. The pictures on Flickr are full size JPGs and should be fine for most uses however.

Here are the other two posters in the series so far:

Slicer Art Print

Gnosis Art Print Poster
More to come.

PS: If you are curious about how these are created I'll give you a brief overview. These are not screenshots pasted on, each ship is created based on art derived from Paul Oosterman's Jeremy project - which you can find here - and meticulously re-created in glorious vector art in Adobe Illustrator. That process is a secret one that I've developed that uses about 50% automation and about 50% hand sweat, some ships take longer than others to create. The Gnosis ship art, for example, took about an hour to create. While the Slicer ship art only took about fifteen minutes for some reason. The entire poster is designed and laid out in Illustrator to give it that awesome clean perfection and then copied into a master template in Photoshop for final color correction and minor tweaks. So each poster exists in both 100% vector form and in hi-res 300dps form. More stuff you probably didn't want to know.

PPS: One of my regular commenters was astute enough to remember another short-lived series that I did a few years back that was very similar to these. I was looking back thru the archives this past weekend when I stumbled over them and started thinking about re-starting the series again. But so much time had passed and I was anxious to start something new. The original concept behind those original pieces was more like what you see now, but as often happens they went in a different direction. So, in a way, this new series is more like the original series was supposed to be in the first place. If that makes any sense at all.

If you are curious here are links to that series:
Slicer - Rifter - Sacrilege


  1. Superb. I may not put them on the wall, but I might just use them as desktop wallpapers or something.

    As for your PS with "how were these created", that was going to be the subject of this exact comment! So thanks for pre-empting that and explaining the major steps involved. Will have to check out that project you linked, did not know of it before...

  2. I could be mistaken, haven't you done images of a rifter and sacrilege already (in the form similar to the slicer) ?

    1. I did once create a similar style series with the Rifter, Slicer and Sac, but they were a lot more time intensive and a very different style - more grungy and not as clean. I was actually re-visiting those this past weekend and they got me thinking about picking up on it again. But I wanted to do it differently this time out.

      Here is a link to the Slicer one:

    2. Looking forward to the revamped rifter, even if it is out of the top ten :)

      As a note, are the vector versions of the ships themselves as "coarse" as the .jpg images posted suggest?

    3. Yes, the coarseness is part of the style decision I've been struggling with to maintain the elements of the ship itself while striving to turn them into art instead of 3d photos of themselves. I'm not 100% sure I've achieved what Im looking for yet.

  3. Also, I noticed that they are not signed with your RL name, but rather by RJ. Why did you do that ?

    1. Funny you should mention that, I think if you look again you'll see that has been updated.

    2. Nicely done. I was wondering how you'd deal with copyright having attributed the design to a fictional character that is nominally the intellectual property of a 3rd party :)

    3. Doesn't matter because ccp has clearly told me in no uncertain terms that they own everything I create that has anything to do with Eve. Even original pieces inspired by Eve.


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