Avengers Age of Ultron Teaser

This could easily be called Avengers Age of Bad Guys. One of the things that distinguishes the Marvel Universe from the Multiverse of DC, among many, is the fact that Marvel has always been more Hero-centric and DC more villain-centric. This stems from the fact that, again in general, DC's Heroes were mostly born a long time ago, while Marvel's Heroes generally come from the sixties. Again, don't shoot the messenger, this is just a general statement of fact.

Marvel's Phase One films focused on the Heroes, justifiably so in my opinion. Marvel doesn't have the history in film like DC does. Any history Marvel did have was pretty horrible. But one thing Phase Two has going for it is the introduction of better bad guys and Ultron is the first of these. So it is good to see this in action finally. James Spader seems a brilliant choice for the voice of Ultron. Marvel seems to keep hitting home runs when it comes to casting.

Couple thoughts:

• Cap's Shield. I'm not convinced it is broken. It seems to be laying in some extremely dark liquid and could easily be half-submerged. It could also be broken, but I don't think the evidence is clear on that yet.

• Quicksilver. It will be interesting to see another take on this character, since the one in X-Men Days of Future Past stole that film. I don't have a problem with two Quicksilvers, as long as they are both good. Also Scarlet Witch! 'nuff said.

• Iron Man. Given the news that "civil war" might be starting in Cap3, it will be interesting to see if Iron Man starts really being a jerk in this film. RDJ Tony Stark has always been borderline and it should be easy enough to push him just a bit further to the asshole side of things.

• Hulkbuster!

• I sure hope all the baby Ultron minions don't all fall down and die once the mainframe is kilt in this movie. I'm a bit tired of that happening.

Now back to watching this teaser a couple hundred times more.

Ain't no strings on me either, Ultron 'ol buddy.


  1. Twitter comments aside, this trailer looks cool. There is one thing I'm worried about which will totally destroy the franchise, or at the very least, my opinion of it.

    IF this becomes fomulaic.

    IF the Avengers all hate each other and squabble among themselves only to band together at the end and save the world, this will be the last Avengers movie I watch. That ship sailed with the first movie, I'm hoping they come up with a way to make a 2 hour long superhero movie that isn't "Avengers with a new bad guy this film".

    Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch....this is very promising. Dont mess it up!
    Cap's shield. It's his icon. He'll get it back somehow.

    Not too keen on sequels. Make this original!

    1. Totally agree, this could get old real fast. Like my comment about all the minions dying after they kill the main baddie, been there done that - time to move on. We have at least twenty more years of this stuff so hopefully someone is caring enough to shake things up enough to keep them fresh and interesting.


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