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Mongolia. I have many side interests, thousands really, and one of them has always been maps. Somewhere buried deep in my evil ex-wife's house (which is really my house) is my map collection. I would save the National Geographic maps. I had books with maps in them. One such book showed statistics graphically and often the area around Mongolia would say, "No Data Available." This is how I've always thought about Mongolia.

I have no access to that map collection. It very well might not even exist anymore.

This post is just me sitting down on a Saturday morning and writing whatever comes to me. I probably have no point to make and I have given this zero thought. That admission either puts you off, or excites you. That judgement is yours. I make no judgements.

I flew 37 jumps yesterday in a Slicer and attacked 17 different ships on 15 different engagements and all of them had warp core stabilizers attached to their ships. All of them. If you are reading this and think that sounds right, then I do make a judgement about you. You are wrong. I finally got so desperate for a fight that I attacked an obviously linked combo of a Garmur and a Slicer. I exploded of course. But at least I got a fight.

I'm sorry but I thought I was playing a PvP game.

I fully accept my role. I am rather infamous. I am the CEO of a rather infamous Pirate Corporation. I am -10. And have been for over three years now, closer to four. I fully accept my red status. And I am not complaining. I get it. My appearance in local cause two reactions, 1) RUN!! or 2) We gang up and kill him! It is rare these days that someone will stand and fight. When they do it is usually glorious. For them and/or for me. They often win. I usually win. But not always.

The other day I fought a very close fight with another ship. It was down to the wire, but I fully expected to win. I didn't. I didn't because my ship also has a thing called a Drone Bay. A Drone Bay I had forgotten to put drones in. I would have won otherwise.

The sad part of that story is that I immediately went back and fitted up another ship with a SAR based fit, which I undocked without bothering to put any Nanite Paste in either the module or cargo hold. It also exploded.

Yes I was distracted. We had someone close to the family suffer a major heart attack this past week and it threw our household into turmoil. I make no excuses however. These are just the facts.

I changed up my Comet fit. It is a constantly evolving thing. I am always tinkering. Often these tinkers lead to death. But that is the only way to test the limits. I like this new fit. Yesterday I had the chance to test it out. I came to the aid of a corp member who had two ships on him. Eventually they became three. Sadly he exploded shortly after I landed and I fought all three of them. They all exploded. It was very close. It was one of the best fights I've had in a long time.

This is not Eve's problem. This is my reality. I fully accept that.

Like I said, this post has no point. I'm simply writing from the hip. Totally making this up as I go.

If you are thinking for a single second that I'm angry about any of the above - then you do not know me. I own this. In many ways I created it. And I love it. Go ahead, empty local. Fit your WCS to your ship. Hide in your safe. Run to the next system. Go ahead. Bring your buddies. Damp me. ECM me. Neut me. I'm just going to go re-ship and come back. Eventually our paths will cross.

Mongolia. No Data Available.


  1. It's a sandbox which contains PvP but I do feel for you I was chasing a pirate who had killed a venture today he was in an Ares I was in an Atron I have no idea whether he had WCS but he knew I was after him and he ran away, people are just weird sometimes.

    1. It's no big deal, it is after all my job to catch them. But, having said that, I'm human and it gets incredibly frustrating sometimes.Especially when you are fighting to have any time to play to begin with. So it goes.

  2. No warp core stabs in Elite Dangerous...

    Just sayin'...

  3. ...all of them had warp core stabilizers attached to their ships. All of them. If you are reading this and think that sounds right, then I do make a judgement about you. You are wrong.

    All I have to say is this... LOL
    and this.... HTFU.

    You dunt like WCS.... well, other players dunt wanna be YOUR PvP 'content'... too bad.

    You want PvP w/o WCS? I never saw anyone use WCS on PvE or PvP ships in Anoikis... except for Haulers... I think the world of you Rixx... but this shit just gets tired. It's like Dimmy and Gevs Grr Goons crap...

    1. Seriously Tur I'm the last person in Eve that anyone should tell to HTFU.

    2. That's just it man... in so many ways you really ARE the last person to say that to... except when it comes to this one particular E-war module.

      Then you... of all people my friend... become as whiny as a CFC Titan pilot demanding that ALL his Capitol and Titan SP to be allotted to whatever else he pleases cause 'CCCP' sux and doesn't even understand their own game... =\

      WCS is a legitimate "Defensive" Module just as the Warp Disruptor and Warp Scambler are legitimate "Aggressive" modules... And it's USE is as legitimate a defense tactic as the use of points is a legitimate aggressive tactic... period.

      You... of ALL people... should be supportive of that except that it screws with YOUR desired gameplay... to 'force' other players to have no choice but fight you... which is exactly what a long or short point does...

      Yet were I to go on a campaign of poster making and post diatribe after diatribe AGAINST the Ebil use of Long and Short 'Points'... I'd be trolled off the web as a risk adverse idiot, told 'HTFU pubbie' and to 'go play WoW'... mebbe not by you directly... but you know that would be the general reaction.

    3. To be honest, the problem is that most engagements require the use of a warp disruptor. Which in turn requires a defensive stabilizer. Those are two modules which could both be swapped out for something more interesting, other than being the unofficial PvP/PvE flags. You only fit them when you want to exclusively do either activity.

      Not that I have a better solution. But rather than treat them as separate, it's probably better to consider it as one problem: How do we encourage people to stay on grid to the bitter end, without forcing them to? Is a warp disruptor the best option for that?

      Although I doubt it's something that can be changed this far into the game.

  4. I know you do it for the fights Rixx, but you really should come back in a multi scram ship killing those stabby farmers can be surprisingly satisfying. Other than that I wish -3 strength scrams were a more common drop that we could afford to slap on frigs.


  5. I wish they made overheating scrams giving them +1 warp scramble strength.

  6. As a newbie with exactly zero solo kills to date, I have to say I don't have this problem. The only fights I get are with high skilled players, sometimes linked, and they are never stabbed up when they come after me :-)

  7. I stopped trying to solo after the tenth or so time someone said in Local to me "Hi Ripard! Love the blog! But there's nobody here for you to kill. Go away."

    1. Ahhh... the price of fame huh? Glad I guess that the most I get is the occasional "Hi Tur!"...


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