Of Titans and Men

Erebus Art Print Poster
The first Titan of the on-going series

You can see the entire collection here. I've been putting off some of the larger ships until I felt more comfortable making a go of it. The Erebus illustration above took a bit over three days of work to get right and it represents about 50x the amount of vectors in one of the other illustrations in the series. In addition to the normal method, the Erebus also has one extra step which added an entire layer of equal complication, which just made things even more insane. But, if you are going to tackle a Titan, you best be prepared to do it right.


Given my real life work schedule lately my Eve play-time has been limited this month. It happens, these things always go in cycles. But I still try to sneak an hour here or an hour there, and try to find things to pew. The downside of this is the tendency to take fights you wouldn't normally take, or to risk things you wouldn't normally risk. That is the accepted downside to limited play-time. It comes with the territory.

So I'm going to humble myself today and talk about how horrible I can be in Eve. I think it is only fair to bring up the bad as well as the good. Today is when I normally write a "Good, Bad & Ugly" post, but I don't have the time to put one of those together. So let's just do a quick run-down of some really horrible losses and maybe a few good fights just to even things out a bit.

Slicer vs Tristan - Congrats to Jose for having the perfect ship to kill my Slicer. Yes, I landed right smack on top of him and he had a full rack of neuts. He almost died before he sucked me dry. But almost doesn't count.

Slicer Vs Campers - There are few things in Eve worse, in my opinion, than Station or Gate Campers who are only harvesting easy kills. It's lazy, stupid work. And before you say it, yes, we went back to kill them properly, but of course they was gone by then.

Garmur Vs YIKES! - My first Garmur loss. Y'know, when you warp into a large plex, it is always a risk. What distance should you go in at? Just knowing that when you make that decision you either land at optimal or... y'know, right smack dab on top of two Vagas and another Garmur.

Omen Vs Perfect Ship! - I had just fit up the Flycatcher when Cerv mentioned he had point on this Omen only 2j away. Talk about perfect timing. 

Saving the Day - Another one of those timing things. I'm in station fitting up a few ships when Link asks for help with a Caracal in local. Typically when this happens I grab the same ship from my hangar, if I happen to have one, which I usually do. Two volleys from my HAMs and he go boom.

Ok, for the rest I just want to point out how freaking popular the Algos has become lately. You see them everywhere! Here are some recent Algos fights:

Algos by Comet and Again, there was two of them

And that's only a few examples.

Anyway, back to real work. Gotta get done so I can play some Eve.