Stay Frosty ABA Frigate Free For All

Stay Frosty ABA FFA Wallpaper Poster
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Don't forget to mark your calendars for Saturday November 8th for the Stay Frosty ABA Frigate Free For All!! Thousands of Frigates, fun events, and great prizes are all on the line - but most importantly this is your chance to shoot at your friends, your enemies, and anyone else you have a hankering to shoot. All for fun!

We have hundreds and hundreds of pre-fit Frigates to just hand out for the asking. And every so often something really big and awesome will roll out of a hangar for you to shoot!

In a few short days I will be announcing the system name and the final list of prizes on the table, so keep your eyes peeled and get those ships fitted. Everyone is invited from everywhere in Eve. So what if you've never fired a gun or launched a missile before?! This is your chance!

Come for ten minutes, come for six hours, just show up and have fun!

Stay Frosty.