Week Off

Whew. Six days in a row of burning 14-16hrs on a work project do not leave a lot of time for Eve. Luckily that project is now safely in the hands of the client and in the rear-view mirror now. So hopefully I can get back to my usual hard-to-predict normally crazy play-when-I -can Eve schedule.

The massively insane Eve Spaceship Art Print Poster Project continues however, with some great recent additions. 35 Posters so far. I have no idea how many more of these there will be when all is said and done, I have purposefully tried not to think about it. Right now I'm having a lot of fun doing them, so as long as that continues I see no reason to stop.

This weekend I hope to have enough time to get caught up with Stay Frosty and ABA, as well as all the prize donations for the FFA on November 8th. I've fallen behind on both fronts this past week. The great news is that we have great people and things have continued as normal without me.

As I write this we continue to await assistance from CCP on the transfer of Major Silva to my empty character slot. For whatever reason we both triggered some safeguards within the normal character transfer process which requires some human intervention. I'm only assuming that together we represent to much awesome for the system to deal with. Seems likely.

So hopefully that gets dealt with soon™.

That's it for today. Onward and upward.


  1. I've really been enjoying the posters, hopefully someday CCP will get their crap together on licensing of fan art because there are definitely a few that I'd buy (even though you're giving them away). I hope the character transfer goes through without any problems...part of me is hoping you're being a true ebil pirate and this is just a giant scam to sell it back to him six months down the line and you two split the ISK donated by everyone. Would be a nice score, eh? :-)


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