After Event Explosions

Right off the top HUGE thanks to everyone in A Band Apart that stepped up to the plate and helped out with the event this past Saturday! I can't thank each of you enough for being awesome individuals and a great team. I had to take a much less hands-on approach to this FFA due to RL and you all managed to make me feel superfluous. Well done.

Another HUGE thank you to the pilots of Suddenly Spaceships for scaring the beejezus out of everyone that jumped the Basgerin gate! An FFA is insane, complicated and horribly difficult to police, but you guys did a great job with aplomb, humor and lots of warping about trying to catch small, fast targets. I hope you all had a great time and thanks for showing up. A very special thanks to Alek for volunteering, much appreciated my friend.


The Big Red Dot blotted out the map on Saturday and that is just the way we like it. For six hours (plus) on Saturday the system of Basgerin rocked to the silence of thousands of tiny Frigates, and some not so tiny other things, exploding. That part of the event is exactly why we have these things in the first place. I can't begin to tell you how many people convo'd me, or emailed me, to tell me they were having the best time ever. And that is what makes us continue to do these insane events.

So special thanks to everyone that jumped into Basgerin and played the game with us. You are the reason we do this.

Everything went exactly as planned. We handed out thousands of cheap T1 Frigates and thousands of explosions happened as a result. Our two big in-event events went off well. And everyone, for the most part, seemed to have a good time.

As usual Eve is full of those people that can't stand anything decent, or can't follow the rules, or just want to ruin other people's experience. Despite the fact that everyone is flying around in T1 fitted T1 Frigates, they see the need to bring much better ships to exploit the situation in their own favor. As usual they did not succeed in ruining anything. This is Eve after all and we fully expect them to show up and do their worst. The only people they harmed are the young players they managed to pod. For most of whom this was their first pvp experience in Eve. So nicely done.

And no, I won't be naming names. That only serves to give them publicity that they simply don't deserve. But anyone can view the killboards and figure it out for yourselves.

At one point Saturday morning before the event I had 37 new chat windows up and blinking on my screen. I flew Rixx down to the event pretty much blind, lol. I turned down no convo request, I never do. It is part of the responsibility of running an event like this. Another part is not being able to actually play in the event as much as I'd like. I set out this time deliberately with the goal to participate more than I've been able to before, but that didn't work out. On top of that, about four hours in, my youngest boy tripped and fell into a bannister on the stairs. I was sure his arm was broken. But after a three hour hospital trip it was only sprained and badly bruised. So I ended up missing the last two hours. RL > Eve.

It will take us about a week to pull the killboard data and figure out who wins what, so be patient with us. 5,000 kms is a lot and each one has to be determined eligible, so that means eliminating anyone that got on a pod kill, or flew an illegal ship, or managed to look at me funny in local. That last one is a joke.

I hope to have all prizes announced by this weekend, so check back often for a list of the winners.

Thanks to everyone that donated prizes. And to everyone that enjoys Eve.

As nutty as it sounds right now, we will be having another one of these.