Stay Frosty and A Band Apart Alliance are proud to announce the winners of the most recent FFA held on November 8th, 2014 in Basgerin. A special thank you to all players that showed up and had a great time at the event. In all an estimated 1,200 players participated during the six-hour event and somewhere around 5,000 ships exploded. In all we handed out just shy of 3,000 fitted T1 Frigates to participants. So those are just some of the insane numbers we've been crunching all week.

Once again a special shout-out to the pilots of Suddenly Spaceships for excellent Security Force work! And to Argos, Oma, Joffy, Draiv, Skir, Nix, and everyone else in Stay Frosty-ABA that assisted with the preparations and in-event work that made the entire thing function properly! A very special thanks to Jason/Archangel for his help with the Data this past week, he plumped the depths and organized everything into an awesome Google Doc for me. Amazing and much appreciated.

All winners are final. This is ultimately the judgment of the judges and all decisions are final. As usual some of you will not see your names in this list, that is because you flew ships you shouldn't have, used links, flew in gangs, or happened to pod a few people when the rules clearly state you shouldn't do those things. It was your choice to do so, which is fine, but then don't come crying to me when you don't win any shiny things. Just to be clear the "judges" are me. I live in Ishomilken and if you have any problems feel free to come hunt me down. I'd really enjoy that.

Yadda Yadda. Here are the Official Winners and Losers and Prize Getters:

• 1 BILLION ISK DAREDEVIL - This prize will be given out on Sand, Cider and Spaceships, so check there for his final decision.


• MOST KILLS - 1 x Carrier or Dreadnought of choice to be delivered in lowsec + 1 billion isks

- The winner is: Ulric Markson of Zeura Brotherhood - Ulric was the highest scoring non-cheater in the event with 328 total event kills.


• 2nd MOST KILLS - 1 x T3 strategic cruiser of choice with respective choice of subsystems to be delivered in Jita + 300 million isks + 500m from Joffy.

- The winner is: Leokokim of Mining Industry Exile Foundation - Leo came in second with 268 total event kills.


• 3rd MOST KILLS - 500m Isk from Joffy

- The winner is: Mark Yanning of Zeura Brotherhood with 257 total event kills.


• MOST KILLS -- Garmur with drugs in cargo hold (20 Standard, 10 Improved and 3 Strong combat booster of choice)

- The winner is: Ulric Markson of Zeura Brotherhood - Ulric was the highest scoring non-cheater in the event with 328 total event kills.


• MOST KILLING BLOWS -- Dramiel with drugs in cargo hold (10 Standard, 5 Improved and 1 Strong combat booster of choice)

- The winner is: Leokokim of Mining Industry Exile Foundation - with 72 Killing Blows


• MOST LOSSES -- Prospect with Gas Cloud Harvesting skill book and 1 of each Synth combat booster in cargo hold

- The winner is: Darius Naskingar of Eve University with 50 losses


• Stay Frosty pilots with most Solo Kills - 1 x Pirate BS of choice to be delivered in Jita

- The winner is: Amenio with 8 solo kills!


• Full Set of Amarr AF - most Minmatar kills - The winner is: Ulric Markson of Zeura Brotherhood

• Full Set of Caldari AF- most kills with ROCKETS - The winner is: Knuk Eh  of C.Q.B

• Full Set of Gallente AF - most kills with drones - The winner is: Atlan Dallocort of Rough Chillbar

• Full Set of Minmatar AF - most Amarr kills - The winner is: Ulric Markson of Zeura Brotherhood

• Police Comet - Most pirate faction frigate kills - The winner is: Jiffah of Viziam

• Federation Navy Comet - Most frigate losses - Darius Naskingar of EVE University

• Caldari Navy Hookbill / Imperial Navy Slicer -- Most isk lost - The winner is: Zeppelinius Beardicus of Dirty Old Bastards

• Republic Fleet Firetail - Most top damage kills - The winner is: Mark Yanning of Zeura Brotherhood

• Worm - Most Navy Faction frigate kills - The winner is: Ulric Markson of Zeura Brotherhood

• Most Expensive Kill with an Atron - 500 million ISK! - The winner is: Anthr0

• Most Expensive Incursus Loss - 100 Incursus Hulls - The winner is: Joffy Aulx-Gao of Stay Frosty

• AWOXER - PLEX for the pilot who gets the most final blows on members of their own corp (in case of tie the one that got on the most killmails of corpmates gets it) - The winner is: Athrun Zahla EVE University

• Uni SRP - Eve Uni pilot (that is not Comrade Blade) who loses the most ships gets all their hulls replaced - The winner is: Darius Naskingar of Eve University

PLEASE NOTE: Most prizes will be contracted to the winners in Jita by Anastasia Javix during the coming week. Some prizes and winnings will be delivered and contracted by the individual donors on their own schedule. Please be patient and we will ensure that ALL prizes are delivered as promised. There are also, in addition to the above, a handful of prizes that will be awarded to top-scoring young players that participated in the event. These finalists have not yet been determined (this process takes a bit longer) but they will also be contracted in the coming week.

THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING! And we hope to see all of you at the next one!


  1. i like how you awarded like half of the prizes to people flying in gangs (like every camel guy and the zeura brotherhood duo) or just plain wrong (like the awoxer award winner that didnt kill a single corpmate)

    leokokim even podded rixx

    nice spreadsheets you got there guys, cu in a year, maybe next time us honorable people who actually followed the rules will get to win some prizes too

    1. Here is my pod email: https://frosty.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=25913801

      As you can see the two other pilots, including Leokokim, did no damage on my pod. There are actually dozens of pilots that show up on pod kills that do no damage. This happens EVERY SINGLE FFA and is part of the issues with pulling winners. Not everyone who gets on a pod kill should be disqualified.

      However, we are reviewing things one more time.

  2. Rixx, you must answer to this dastardly accusation immediately!!! Please redeem yourself and correct this dishonor by awarding ALL prizes to 'Anonymous', the ONLY honorable rule follower in EVE...

  3. I will be reviewing the results again to weed out any issues.

  4. Until further review the AWOXER Prize is PENDING.

    However, given further review it has been decided that all other prizes will remain as listed. While there have been many pilots disqualified for poddings, illegal links and other activity against the rules - there is no direct evidence that warrants disqualification of any of our other winners.

  5. Daredevil will be awarded tomorrow. Wanted to give it a full week.

  6. thanks again for the awesome event, it was great fun! seeing zeura brotherhood at the top of the prize list is a letdown though. as was said before, that was an obvious case of flying as a gang. too bad your spreadsheet doesn't reflect that.

    still, great event, 10/10 would fly again!


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