Welcome to Eve Online

Let me be the first person to welcome you to Eve Online. Welcome. Let me assure you that you've made a wise choice and that your family will not disown you, your friends will still love you and the people at work will never find out what you are doing on your lunch break.

I want you to do me a favor. Take a deep breath right now and exhale slowly. In your mind, picture all of the video games, apps, computer games and other digital forms of entertainment you've ever experienced in your life. Got it? Eve is NOT like any of those.

I know, you think you've got it, your cool. That's fine. Like most things in life you kinda have to find it on your own. But I wanted to get this out of the way first. Eve is not a video game, it is not a spreadsheet lovers nightmare, it is not a virtual universe of startling clarity, it is nothing so much as it is an experience. You must experience Eve for yourself.

So I want to encourage you to do so. Do not be afraid, do not be hampered, confused, or otherwise dissuaded from attempting the seemingly impossible task of grasping this experience for yourself. This is not a Playstation FPS that will guide you along, Eve isn't like that. What Eve IS, is a huge playground full of toys, people, and noise. And incredible silences. Everything you need is here, but it takes you to find what it is you need. But don't worry, there are 500,000 of us in here with you. Ok, maybe that was scarier than I thought it would be.

I've been playing Eve myself for over five years and I am still learning. Just last week I learned to do something that I had never done before. How amazing is that? It is, admittedly, rather amazing. So just relax, you are not going to "get it" right off the bat. Knowing this going in will be a huge benefit to you and something I wish I had known when I started playing. The learning curve is not a barrier to be crossed, it is an integral part of the entire experience. Trying to cross that barrier only creates frustration. Forget about learning curves, goals, winning, or any other traditional definition of success. This is not how Eve works.

The first time I undocked in Todaki I was determined to strike out on my own. I would explore this vast universe and make my mark alone, without help, without favor and without any freaking knowledge. I quickly realized that every avatar in the star system with me was a real, flesh and blood person. And that these people were also playing the same Eve I was. Each one of them holds a piece of the puzzle and the more people you meet, the more you interact, the more of that picture becomes apparent to you. The more pieces you have, the more you see the bigger picture.

My choices back then, each one of them, led me to where I am now. And that path has been rather extraordinary. Massive wars, huge Alliances of thousands of players, star systems from one edge of the map to the other, Pirates, Miners, builders, spys, and more. Much more. But that path started as a day one young player without anyone.

Just like you.

Be bold. Eve rewards those that take chances, that explore, that challenge, that define, that take the initiative. The universe is literally yours. No other experience is like it. And no other experience leaves so much of that in your hands. Eve will challenge you like nothing else you've ever tried. It does this to test you. To challenge you right back in your face. It is not going to hold your hand.

Welcome to Eve. If you succeed the universe is literally yours for the taking. And if you fail, well then, let's not start thinking like that.

Undock and go play.

Here is a link to Part Two of this Post. You should read it.

[This post was originally posted in February, but it seemed more than appropriate to re-post it today.]