A Look Back at 2014

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Time for another retrospective. Here is the one from last year.

If 2013 was the year of Stay Frosty, then 2014 has to be the year of A Band Apart. The Alliance was born on March 23rd and has grown, expanded and thrived ever since then. Often in ways that I couldn't have predicted. But that it was specifically designed to do. ABA is an amazing group of crazy, dedicated, and intelligent players that appreciate the freedom and flexibility that our unique Alliance provides.

At nearly 500 members strong we must be doing something right. Our Wormhole Corps are doing extremely well, Supreme Mathematics and Voodoo Children are both strong and focused on slightly different goals. Lucifer's Hammer is picking up steam and we will be doing even more this year to build a powerful foundation there. New Eden Renegades recently joined the Alliance and their Corp is growing fast again, they are a great compliment to Stay Frosty. Two completely different approaches to piracy and pvp, that work well together.

I would like to add a vibrant new player training Corporation to the mix in 2015, but only one that is worthy to be a part of our family. Still looking.

2014 was my sixth year of playing Eve and the 5th year of writing EVEOGANDA! Another 295 posts in the archives, countless pieces of art, comics, weird things, and several in-game Events. Around 1.5 million visitors took time to visit the blog this year and I thank each of them for doing so. I hope to continue to provide a great place to visit in the coming year for all fans of Eve Online.

There are many exciting and potentially incredible things on the horizon for 2015. I will be attending my very first FanFest this coming March. And there are already a few surprises in the works I can't talk about yet.

I hope you stick around for the journey.

To each of you I wish only the very best of wishes for you and yours this coming year.

Hang on.


  1. You said you want to add a new player training corp to the mix in 2015. As a noob, I think you already have a pretty good one. I joined Voodoo Children after only a week or so in game. They've helped me get a good start. Always encourage questions, taking me and other noobs along on level 4 missions, giving ship and fitting advice, and being all around friendly to hang out with. Before long, I could run level 4s solo, so I could make my own ISK fairly quickly.

    The rest of ABA has been great for my minor forays into PVP. I'm mostly bearish, but I've still come along on roams, blown up ships, gotten myself blown up, helped gank low sec missioners, and most importantly, been encouraged to go out on my own and learn something...while getting blown up. People I don't even know in the alliance have been extremely generous in making sure I had the resources available to keep going out and getting blown up while I learn.

    Hear I am, a few months later, already living in a worm hole, soloing sleeper sites, and even trying to bait the occasional stealth bomber. The learning curve has been steep, but I've always been surrounded by helpful people and gotten all the support I needed.

    ABA may not be the place to find hand holding and structured classes, but it's been a great place for a new player that wants to learn and is willing to go out and try stuff while surrounded by experienced, knowledgeable players who are more than willing to answer questions and show me how its done. From a noobs point of view, ABA is already a great "training" alliance.

    Next time the wormhole has an exit near Isho, I have a stack of frigs staged there that need blowing up...


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