A Look Back at 2013

Rixx Javix Time Cover

What a year! 2013 marked my 5th year anniversary of playing Eve and my 4th year of writing and drawing this Eve magazine. Over 1,165 posts, countless images, comics, and millions of words later and yet another year in the Archives. Inside of Eve I went from being in the top ranked Pirate corporation to defiantly starting my own rag-tag group of scum sucking pirates, and despite warnings and threats to the opposite, managed to build one of the largest independent pirate corporations in all of New Eden. At last count 165 pilots strong (all mains btw!) which also happens to include some of New Eden's most celebrated celebrities. And I also managed to find time to put on three major in-game events, two FFA's and a DeathRace. Whew, I was busy!

And yes, our recruitment is always open and free to anyone, no questions asked.

All in all, 2013 was an amazing year. So let's do some Top Ten Lists.

My Top Ten Posts from 2012 (My personal picks)

Why I Don't Ransom
The Young Javix Adventure Club
BB46: My God What Is That Thing!?!
On Staying Frosty
I am an Eve Blogger
BB47: Blind Men and the Elephant
Eve Dumb Ways to Die Parody
A Manifesto in Onyx
My Week With the Wittle White Ship
5 Randomly Weird Things About Eve

Top Ten Troublemaking Posts from 2012

Tusker Code Has Been Sullied
Big Babies
Limit WCS NOW! (The post that started a whole year trend)
This is how Eve dies, with a whimper
"Just Plain Stupid"
Twitter Kilt the Radio Star
Eveotorial: TOS
Dear Internets
The Big Ban Hammer
A Public and Rather Humiliating Apology for Hurting the Feelings of Eve's Top Ranked Pirate Corporation

I encourage you to explore the Archives, not only from the past year, but the years before that. Lots a great stuff, history, art, humor and adventure back there.

I will remember 2013 as the year that my own personal Eve journey finally started to make sense, my search for the perfect Corporation finally landed on the fact that such a thing didn't exist yet - so the only choice was to make one. The year I finally accepted fully the role of Pirate and the infamous fame that comes along with it. The year I found an amazing group of fellow pilots that share my joy of undocking, fighting and laughing as we all die gloriously in space.

2013 is the year I stayed frosty.

What will 2014 bring? I hope you stay with me as we find out what happens next.

Thanks for reading, sharing, hating, and otherwise being around.

Keep the courage.