Another Symmetrical Hull

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Ok it might not be 100% perfectly symmetrical, but it is very, very close. I know the Exequror's old off-center engine might not have been the most beautiful thing in the world - but gosh darn it - it was the Exequror's ENGINE!! And while this might not be on Vagabond Frill level, it is still sad to see such an instantly recognizable feature go poof and disappear.

This is a beautiful design that seriously needed one large well-designed and PBR'd engine sticking off the side of it. Seriously. Can we keep some of what makes our Eve ships so... Eve shippy? Please.

I would like to see this design re-considered. Keep everything as it is, just grab that top engine and hit the scale button about 45% and then click the move button about 20 times and then connect those things. Done.

Now it is an Exequror again.

Like this:

TL;DR: Love the new design, just make that back engine bigger and a tad further away from the hull like in the original. k?


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    1. LOL You know I am not usually.. terse.. but yesterday, 3 times, I wrote a vastly more eloquent and well stated (and longer) version of the above 'hate asymmetrical ships'... and 3 times lost the comment...

      Browser issues... you can well imagine my emotional state towards my browser when I finally just typed 'hate asymmetrical ships'...

    2. I actually thought something along those lines must have happened.


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