Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Eve 2014
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Happy Holidays from all of us in A Band Apart Alliance. We wish you and yours the very best this Holiday Season. Once more we extend our sincere wishes for peace, harmony and joy to everyone around the world. Seriously, try to get along people. We're all on this little blue world together.

I most likely will not be posting much during the next few weeks. I have an Xbox One to hook up and lots of new games to play. Titanfall, Alien Isolation, Madden, Forza, Unity, and a few others. And I'll be trying to steal as much Eve time as possible when I can.

While we are away give some thought to joining us in A Band Apart. We are a rather unique group of misfits unlike anything else in Eve. A single group of over 400 individual players united by a core belief in playing Eve for fun, adventure, and little or no rules. We are made up of Corporations that span multiple play-styles and provide something for everyone. Whatever you are looking for we've got you covered. Our pilots are currently everywhere in New Eden, from Wormholes, to Black Rise, to Etherium Reach, Stain, and points elsewhere - we fly wherever we want.

Stay Frosty is our main pirate corporation and we continue to have an open door policy when it comes to new members. Come yarr with us.

New Eden Renegades is the newest member of our Alliance, but we share a long history of insanity, derp, gank and trolling. NER is for the crazy ones.

Supreme Mathematics is our Wormhole Corporation and a great bunch of players without local. Bob is on their side.

Voodoo Children also lives in and out of Wormholes and focuses on Mission Running, Industry, and providing great content to their members.

Lucifer's Hammer is the High-Sec Industry arm of the Alliance, the backbone and heart of building, moving, making, and generally providing things that people need.

We operate the Alliance like one giant Corporation and members are free to move between groups, fly together, and operate as one. Sound like something you'd be interested in? Then look us up in-game and get your lazy butt into one of our Corporations. Do something nice for yourself this Holiday!

Keep the courage.