Major, is that you?

It is fun having alts. (Names changed to protect the innocent)

WT  > Major JSilva sup duder
Major JSilva > yo
WT > why'd you leave the goonies
Major JSilva > The Mittani kicked my dog
Major JSilva > b*stard
WT > wow
WT > rood
PL > we miss you in PL
PL > you were good men
Major JSilva > thanx m8
PL > when you coming back?
Major JSilva > Dont know, enjoying knitting and gardening right now
PL > during the winter???
PL > meight
Major JSilva > working on a sweater atm
PL > noice
Major JSilva > life changing
Major JSilva > Plus PL gave me a rash
WT > i feel

I have never had a true alt character before. My only alt is Anastasia Javix and she runs the Industry side, freighters and Archon when needed. She was never intended to be a stand-alone character, hence sharing the last name. It is weird to have one that isn't immediately recognizable as me.

Although I would never use that to the detriment of others of course. But it does make for some funny conversations in local. The one above just being the most recent.

Heck, Major is now Executor of A Band Apart. Which sorta, kinda means a former Goon/PL person is now the head of my own Alliance. lolz.