New Eden Renegades

I'd like to formally welcome all the pilots of New Eden Renegades to A Band Apart today. Welcome aboard. All of us in ABA look forward to your unique blend of insanity and inappropriate behaviour! You have already established yourselves as Masters of the Undock in Ishomilken, so I can't wait to see what happens next.

For those of you that do not know the history here, let me briefly get you up to speed. The roots of Stay Frosty and A Band Apart stretch back a long way to the fertile NPC playground of Syndicate. It was here that a rag-tag group of ex-Null patriots established an Alliance called Black Mark. And it was here that Lucifer's Hammer was born. CyberTen and Lex Fasces were two of the very first members of Lucifer's Hammer. Cyber had read one of my blogposts about the new Corp and had brought Lex along. They helped introduce us to a lot of other players and were a big reason LH grew the way it did.

I did say "briefly", if you want the full story it is pretty much the full story of this blog, so go back and read thru the archives you lazy wanker! But essentially Lucifer's left Syndicate, moved in with Rote Kappelle, Muppet Ninjas, and eventually started our own Alliance - Burn Away. For a lot of weird reasons, which I can finally and publicly blame on Angor Mau (I've had to eat crow on this for a long time. It was Angor's ideas that eventually led to us briefly leaving LH and Burn Away and the whole thing falling apart under us.) Either way, we all ended up going our own way, me to Tuskers to hide out for a bit, Itsme to Shadow, and Cyber and Lex off to their own adventures.

The first Summer of Stay Frosty Cyber and Lex even joined up for a brief moment. But neither of them were playing much do to real life and they wandered off again.

People can say what they want about Eve, but the relationships you build in this game are important. Life is a giant circle filled with smaller circles, and so is Eve. People who treat other people horribly don't tend to last, just like in real life. And while I've never met Cyber and Lex in real life, I still consider them friends. Maybe not the sort of friends that you can have in the real world, but friends none the less. It is a comparison that doesn't interest me. Friends or not friends. All this bullshit gray area stuff doesn't matter.

And so, when Cyber convo'd me last week and we started talking it wasn't a surprise. I know he received a lot of offers from a lot of different groups to come and join. And I would have understood had they chosen to go down one of those paths. I didn't make any offers, other than the obvious one. We are what we are. We don't have a lot to offer anyone, other than friendship. Which is a rare enough thing to matter, both in the real world and in Eve.

So welcome back my friends. You got me right in the feels.




  2. I thought life was a box of chocolates, and not giant circle filled with smaller circles.

    1. A box of circular chocolates, filled with smaller and smaller circular chocolates?


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