The Signature Wallpaper Series

Enyo Signature Wallpaper
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Lately I've been producing a new series of Signature Wallpapers as a way of taking a break from the insanity of drawing the Art Print Series, which now represents well over 130 Posters! 

I have no intention of stopping the Art Print series, but even I need a break. Between work, life and my responsibilities to the Alliance and to Stay Frosty - I am a very busy Rixx.

The ships in the Signature Series come directly as a result of what ships I am flying that day in-game. Not ten minutes after I took the images of that Enyo up there it had already exploded into a million bits. As usual my little ships don't last long. Heck, even my bigger ships don't usually last long.

The Enyo got into a good fight with former Stay Frosty pilot Sniper Bros15 in his Comet. But just as we were finishing that fight a Stratios and a Stabber jumped us and ended my Enyo. 

Of the ten ships in the series so far, only the Stratios, Astero, Cynabal, and Confessor remain intact in the hangar. Yesterday I managed to lose my very first Gnosis to a bunch of neuts on a gate. I've had that ship since the first day they were introduced into the game and it has served me extremely well since then, it was a shame to see it go - but it was an awesome ship that exploded many ships for me. It was just recently involved in an epic fight against another Gnosis which was a lot of fun.

Ships are born to die. That's what they do.

So I spent some time yesterday fitting up some new ships and organizing my hangar a bit, trying to get ready for the new year. I'd like to try some new things this year, but I don't know what they would be yet.

More on that later.