A Band Apart

312 days ago I had an idea. This idea had been bouncing around in my head for years, but I'd never had the chance to make it happen. I had watched as other Alliances struggled with the movement of players that needed to explore other play-styles, both with Alts and with Mains. The refrain is all to well known to those of us in leadership positions in Eve, "I need to go make iskies.", or "I'd like to try this other play-style for awhile." No matter what variation on that theme you might encounter, it often meant the player left your Corp/Alliance or their play-time was going to be cut significantly.

What if a player had those opportunities within the same Alliance? What if you didn't need to leave your friends to try your hand in a Wormhole? Or to run Missions? Or to mine, build, or whatever else you'd like to be doing? What if your pirate character needed an alt to make Iskies and you could keep it within the same Alliance?

And so A Band Apart was born. An Alliance built of Corporations that cater to the various play-styles of Eve, while doing so together - like a giant Corporation. With players free to move between them, but also free to fly together whenever they want. Need more pilots for that? Just ask. Need a freighter? Need some ships built? Just ask. Find a juicy target? Call the Pirates in to help.

Stay Frosty. Supreme Mathematics. Voodoo Children and Lucifer's Hammer are the four main, recruiting, Corporations. Piracy, Wormhole, Missions, and Industry focused. And we remain on the look out for other Corporations that can provide even more diversity. Exploration? New Player Training? Something else? If your Corporation provides an alternative play-style you should consider A Band Apart as a potential home. We have nearly 500 players to help support you, provide additional opportunities to your players, and build relationships with.

ABA continues to grow. And sometimes Corporations fit into that growth and sometimes they don't. But we will continue to operate on the same basic philosophy, of providing a wide range of opportunities to our players. And doing so in a fun, adventurous, and vibrant environment dedicated to the core ideals I established with Stay Frosty.

It is pretty gosh darn awesome.

If you or your Corporation are interested in talking about joining, just let me or one of our Directors know. We can be found easily enough in both the EVEOGANDA and/or The Frosty Hammer channels in-game. Both of which are open to the Public.

We have a long way to go yet, so consider joining us on our journey. If nothing else, we'll have a lot of fun getting there.


  1. Ever thought about starting a FW corp? Give your PVPer's an option to make money with PVP instead of PVE?

    1. We have thought about it and tbh I don't think it'd work. We'd end up shooting our own members. I think FW and Sov Holders are pretty much the two play-styles we aren't looking for.


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