Calling All Eve Artists & Creators

Recently Tweetfleet started using a new social tool called Slack which is a persistent, searchable and pretty awesome text tool that works across multiple platforms and allows for the creation of Channels - sort of like sub-communities within larger communities. It is a rather robust communication tool which we are also in the process of adopting for A Band Apart as well.

So within the Tweetfleet Slack, which anyone can join, I have created an Eve Fan Artists Channel. "A place for artists and creators to share their passion for Eve Online." This includes Eve Online, DUST, Valkyrie, or anything else within the Eve Universe.

I've been thinking about this for a long time, trying to come up with a way to provide a place for all of us to share our work, our challenges, and share ideas and solutions. Illustrators, Video Editors, Sound Designers, Writers, Dreamers and Poets - anyone that creates content to share with the Eve Community is welcome to join. I believe this can be a vibrant and important community for all of us. And while no tool will be perfect, at least this one is free!

Joining is easy and simple. Follow this link that Marcel Devereux created for us and presto you are in.

Eve art inspired me from the moment I started playing. Enough so that eventually I started doing it myself. I'm hopeful that this community grows and that the word spreads far and wide. So if you are reading this and know of someone that may be interested, please share and help spread the word.

I hope to see you, and your work, soon.


  1. Hmm... that page now puts out a 'paid_only' alert... did we overflow what is willing to support for free?


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