Erebus On My Porch

Erebus Art Print Poster
Da Erebus as purtified by da artist

Yesterday I opened my front door to discover about 2,000 kids in my yard, on my porch, and out in the street chasing a Titan. I don't know what EveNT or IwantISK are, I'm guessing they have something to do with gambling, but they wanted to derp a Titan and announce it to the whole world and... well you can read the details for yourself here.

Funny bit. Just two days earlier on Twitter I had mentioned that one of my personal goals in 2015 is to finally get on a Titan killmail. I've shot at plenty of Titans over the years but they've never turned into an official killmail. Which isn't that weird considering I mostly live in Low Sec. And lo and behold here one was going to be right smack dab in the middle of my home system. You'd think I'd be beside myself with excitement!!

No. Look, I love events more than some. Good events. But I am also a hunter. Most of the fun of PvP for me is hunting, the tactics, the patience, the surprise, the timing, not opening the front door and pointing in the yard, "Hey Lookie there! Grab mah gun Ethel!!" Not to mention knowing exactly what this event was going to do to my entire Saturday. 2,000 people, massive TiDi (10% for most of four hours!) is not exactly my idea of fun.

And still I tried. I had an old Tusker Devoter laying around (I might have more than one, shhh) and decided to fit one up. I also had a, otherwise useless, sniper Harpy I was planning on stripping, and I fitted up two lol Thoraxes with Smartbombs. The Tusker Devoter was the only serious fit in the bunch. Close to 90 or over 90 resists across the board. Nice tank. And here is exactly how that went. After waiting patiently for 50 minutes past the announced starting time, a Titan finally appeared in the Large Plex and we got a warp in from our scout. I had created a Overview Tab with just the Titan on it, landed and started locking the Titan... and exploded.

The Devoter was dead before the lock resolved on a Titan.

And no, at that point the system wasn't even experiencing TiDi yet. This is exactly how the rest of the day went. I created the Thorax fit simply as a way to at least do something under the increasingly horrible conditions. I would just warp in, align out, and turn on the Smartbombs. I managed to do that three times before my warp in landed me right in the middle of the also Smartbombing Archons. My warp out got caught on one of them and boom, there goes my pod.

So two Harpies locked and shot the Titan, one of which lived pretty long and I almost emptied an entire clip into it. And, as usual, no killmail for me.

I love events. But I really can't participate. I should stop trying to do so with Rixx. He is just a freaking magnet and gets called out on Comms, primaried, and otherwise exploded. And I'm not making this up, I know because people tell me about it. 

Some of our guys had fun. Most of our people stayed away. This is the kind of thing only a gang of 500 Navy Apocs, or Shadow's freakish T3 insanity, or a cloud of Archons, or some other large group of (apparently) super-freakishly rich players can enjoy. A playground for the rich and famous.

Honestly I much prefer my day-to-day world of solo and small gang hunting and piracy. Anytime I get a glimpse or a taste of what lies on the other side of that divide I remain extremely content in my decision to ignore it. I can go months and months without experiencing any TiDi at all, much less 10%, and be perfectly happy.

I'm proud of the fact that I remain comfortably off the Titan kill. Someday I'll get one the old-fashioned way, I'll earn it.


  1. Strangely, it was first such event (eith TiDi, carriers, titans, etc) i really enjoyed all the time.
    Killed some things, ships i have lost were destined to die anyway i found TiDi quite nice in this situation - more time to think and just take a look how beutifull graphics EVE has (especialy ships slowly aligning to plex at our station)

    1. I find that these events (the TiDi ones) tend to work well for some people, even from a server/hardware side of things. I'm glad you enjoyed it, looks like we had several pilots who did. It doesn't help things that I tend to get primaried all the time lol.

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