Eve Artists and Creators Unite

The Eve Community is an extremely creative one. From videos, podcasts, memes, propaganda, logos, fiction, poetry, to out-of-game portraits - just about any creative expression can be found amongst the ranks of Eve, DUST and (eventually) Valkyrie players.

And yes,I posted about this yesterday. And I'm posting about it again. And I may post about it later. I strongly believe that creators can have a place of their own, within the larger community, to share their work, solve problems, and talk about solutions. Need to know how to get your Podcast on iTunes? How do you turn your work into Iskies? What are the legal ramifications of using copyrighted material? Did you know there are some great places to get rights-free music for your next video? The list is endless.

At one point last year I started working on a new website that I was going to create as a creative hub for the creator community. But eventually I decided the expectations I had for how awesome it needed to be, far exceeded my meager abilities to make it happen. And the idea was shelved. And then last week, those of us in Tweetfleet discovered a new tool called Slack.

It isn't as robust as that dream thing in my head, but it actually exists and in that way it is far superior! Slack is a persistent, searchable, file-sharing, IM'ing, multiple-platform, and FREE social site that allows for multiple channels. Already 184 players have joined the larger Tweetfleet (or Slackfleet) community. And multiple channels of interest have been created. One of those is one that I created solely for Creators and those that love them. It is called Eve Fan Artists and I would like to extend an invitation to all content creators to join.

No matter where you are, or what you are doing, if you are creating this is for you.

It's FREE. And there are iPhone, Android, and desktop versions available. Simply click this link to get started, it's easy and only takes a minute. Or click the new blurb I created over in the sidebar.

Feel free to borrow the graphic to create your own link on your website, forum, or wherever you hang out. I've also attached a bug below that you can use:

Hope to see you there.