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Coagulated Kindred Page One
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As EVEOGANDA has progressed over the years, I've become more and more willing and open to the idea of crossing the line between Rixx (and the world of Eve) and the real me (and the real world). As I've said before, nothing secret here, but this blog was always intended to be about Rixx and my adventures with him. But as the years have gone on, it has become harder and less important to stick to that side of an imaginary wall.

I've shared other things before in these pages and I will continue to do so. As more and more of my artwork crosses into Eve, like with the Art Print series, it becomes even more important for me to share. Both for you the readers (I hope) and for my own sanity.

One project that I am slowly working on is an archive of older works. Many of my older pieces exist only on paper in boxes, archival boxes, shelves, and gathering dust in dusty corners. Most of these pieces haven't been seen by anyone other than me for a very long time. And when I say that, I don't mean a couple of months ago or even last year.

Back in the late 1980's my friend Eric and I starting working together on several Comic Book projects. We were rather serious about it for a number of years. We travelled to Conventions, showed our work, and even sat beside some of the greats and drew pictures for attendees. For a short time I even self-published a magazine called TEMPEST to showcase my work and the work of others. In the limitations of the time it became moderately successful. We even did professional work here and there. But, just as our careers stared to potentially explode, several things happened at once.

We had just gotten a rather large project from an independent studio called Caliber Press, which is famous for The Crow. This project was a 64 page Halloween special and featured our own work and stories we'd illustrate from other authors. It was a lot of work. And Eric got cold feet. I determined to go on without him and finish the project. But my first wife would have none of it. Long story short, I eventually and reluctantly had to bow out of the project. I still regret that decision, and the decision to marry her, to this day.

Nearly a decade later and I'd get the chance to work with Marvel and Fleer Entertainment during the Trading Card and Comics boom/glut and finally put some of that regret to rest.
But it is always human nature to wonder "what if".

Anyway. I'm going to start scanning some of my older work and saving it digitally before it all gets destroyed by time and lost to the ages. Mostly for my own personal satisfaction, but I also plan on sharing it.

The first completed restoration image is above and comes from a short piece of fiction I wrote called "Coagulated Kindred". The piece appeared in a Caliber Press publication and also in my own magazine. But other than that, it hasn't been seen by human eyes since.

Back in those days I wrote comics as well as illustrated them. I wrote like an artist/designer, I would illustrate panel layouts in pencil and write the words right in the panels. Then Eric would draw those up full size for me, and then I'd ink over his final pencils and then add the lettering. Ah the good old days before computers. lol.

I thought you might get a kick from seeing the work. And from knowing just how long science-fiction has been boiling in my veins. It would be easy enough to see Rixx as the owner of that hand.

More to come.


  1. I have always been impressed with your artistic side. Nice to know some of the background on the puppetmaster behind Rixx.

  2. So you were a tracer?

    1. In the same way that Warhol was a screen printer.

  3. I haven't been playing EVE in almost two years, yet I keep returning to your blog, each week.
    Azual, Ripard and Rixx, the three musketeers. Hope to see the other two back, some day.

    Meanwhile, thank you for keeping this project alive.

    If I ever manage to piece my life back together to the point of being able to return to New Eden, I hope to be seen exploding with you.

    1. Best of luck with that m8. Until then I'll just keep plugging along.


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