Tristans Signature Wallpaper

Tristans Signature Wallpaper
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I was flying the Tristan tonight in Eve and scanning down ships, when the light hit it a certain way. I was taken by the beauty of the ship, like an ornament, a filament of angles and curves and weirdness. I didn't set out to make a painting, a digital poem, but I think I came close to doing so.

I remain extremely interested in finding the expressions from within the world of Eve. If only for my own personal pleasure. I hope there are others that share my enthusiasm. I want to do more.


  1. I love this image. The Tristan is such a great looking ship. Thanks, Rixx.

  2. Rixx, Thank you for all the great images. I am currently cycling through them on my desktop. Awesome!

  3. As a Drone Boat Captain and lover of Gallente ships - I thank you, good sir! Well done and it is going on my desktop to replace *gasp* Serenity today.

    - Mal

    Capt Malcolm Reynolds
    CEO of the 57th Overlanders Brigade


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