Fanfest Notes Day Two

The evening before I arrived in Reykjavik the players and CCP engaged in a friendly soccer match. Previous to that event CCP Puck had asked for my help with the players jersey design, so I put together a BallGorns Team logo for him. In appreciation he had an extra jersey made with my name and number on it. The printer got it mixed in with CCP's jerseys and so CCP Rixx Javix was born.

I used this to open my player presentation, based on Neville Smit's comment after I told him the story. It was pretty funny I thought.


My second day in Iceland, and the first day of Fanfest, was another insanely busy day for me. Those of us doing player presentations met with CCP Manifest early to go over last minute instructions then raced to find a seat in the big hall for Hilmar's opening statements. Then up to check out the Eve Store and see the posters CCP Spitfire had managed to get framed the day before. Then time for one roundtable before watching Andrew Groen's player presentation which I followed. Our time was tough, other presentations happening at the same time pulled a lot of potential attendees, but the crowd was strong anyway. I think I did ok. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I've heard from some of those in attendance that they did. One wrote me this morning to tell me I inspired them to start drawing again. So that alone made it worth it.

Then on to a roundtable with myself, Spitfire and Andrew answering questions about CCP Merchandise and the Eve Store. It was mostly Spitfire's show, but I had fun sitting behind the table. I just kept thinking to myself how cool it was to actually be there.

By then it was time for the Keynote and once more trying to find a seat. We've all seen the Keynote by now and I won't spend a lot of time on it right now, but in general I think it went extremely well. No doubt that everything is positive and headed in interesting directions. Putting the big stuff up-front is also the right thing to do at Fanfest, everyone I talked to agreed. But it is also kind of a bummer to be honest. And most people I talked to agreed with that as well. I think some tweaking needs to happen to Fanfest next year. Maybe withhold a few smaller things until the closing ceremony? Just to give attendees a sense of excitement.


I also managed to spend an hour upstairs in the Eve Store signing posters and talking to anyone that stopped by. I think I managed to sign about 50 sets, which is 200 signatures! I haven't signed that many things since my divorce settlement.

People kept asking me when the posters will be available on-line. I do not have a definitive answer on that. They will be available on-line, this I do know. CCP Spitfire is happy with the way they sold at Fanfest and the feedback we received from everyone. So we will be moving forward. And I have confidence that we will be doing even more sets in the very near future.

As always it comes down to finding the right partner and trying to find the best solution for shipping. As we discussed in the roundtable, shipping is probably the single biggest issue when it comes to providing real products to a global player base. It is a problem that everyone faces and isn't unique to CCP.


Race back to the hotel to get ready for the Charity Dinner. This was my first Fanfest to attend, but my seventh in many ways. Every year I read and follow along the happenings from Reykjavik, but this year's Charity Dinner was going to be different. A meet at CCP HQ and then across the way to the Museum for dinner and drinks. We arrived at CCP HQ just in time for a sip of champagne and then off to dinner.

It is important to realize that Iceland has an over-abundance of Geo-Thermal heat. The island literally sits on top of a heat sink, so they are not shy about using that power. Every single structure in Iceland is heated. I believe even sheds and barns are probably nearly saunas inside. This is especially an issue when it is near freezing outside and then you walk into the heat inside. Layers help, but you will eventually start to sweat. Hot then cold, then hot and cold again. It is no surprise that people get sick although we managed to avoid it ourselves. Add 200 people to the mix crammed into a small space, force them to stand, and then hide the food behind walls of sweaty people. No wonder a large group of us spent most of our time out on the deck.

That might sound like complaining, but it isn't. We had a good time at the Charity Dinner and it was all for a good cause. I got to chance to meet and talk to a lot of people, players and CCP'ers. And I had probably my very best moment at Fanfest.

Remember my story from the last post about my Fan-Boy moment with CCP Explorer? Well nothing fixes that like an entire busy day at Fanfest, people from CCP are everywhere. And while a few more remained to meet, at the Charity Dinner that list was getting smaller and smaller. I got a chance to say hello to the always awesome CCP Punkturis, and I got a Big Hug from CCP Fozzie - which was awkward at first - as it should be. CCP Paradox, Masterplan, the list is long and everyone was generous with their time and extremely friendly. CCP Rise and I kept missing each other and I couldn't find CCP Guard, but I expected that. He tends to disappear in crowds.

So my wife and I are standing outside on the deck with a small group of players when CCP Mimic comes over to join us. There is a moment at Fanfest when someone new joins your group when their eyes scan the lanyards around everyone's necks. You see it all the time as people try to figure out who you are without having to nervously introduce themselves to everyone. Mimic's eyes started across the circle and then landed on mine and I began to introduce myself when she went to her knees and started the supplicant wave with her arms. It was a very funny moment, and as a huge fan of hers, it reminded me that things always run both ways. We managed to spend a lot of time with her that evening and she is as charming, intelligent, and amazing as I expected. After such a long day it was exactly the ice breaker I needed.

Me with CCPMimic

Me with Fozzie

CCPPunkturis and Me

Back to hotel, pass out, rinse and repeat.


  1. CCP Rixx Javix, you know that is against the EULA right? :P
    Good to hear you had a great time.

    1. I think it is ok if it is CCP that calls me that :)


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