1v1 EVE COMIC #78

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Busy day yesterday, but I finally had time to log on to Eve and in plenty of time to catch a fleet that was prepping to go out on a roam. Got my ship and had just undocked when my phone rang. I quickly docked up and answered it. It was a Headhunter calling me just ten minutes after I had sent in my resume for a newly posted position. Which is rather unusual. About twenty minutes later and I finally returned, but the fleet was already seven jumps away. I should mention that this is the third week in a row that I've been late, for one reason or another, for this particular weekly roam. So off I went, racing to catch up.

I made it five jumps before popping into this gate camp.

I should also mention that is also the third time that has happened. New rule, if I happen to be running late next week I'm just gonna stay around the house and play.

Enjoy your weekend, more later.

PS: And the phone interview went extremely well.