Drifter Wars: Eve Online

Drifter Wars: Eve Online
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This morning on the Slack Creatives channel my good friend t'amber challenged me to make an "old-school" Star Wars style graphic for Eve Online. As you should know by now, it is difficult for me to ignore such challenges. And while Eve doesn't have a Darth Vader, we do have the Drifters - so they'll just have to sit in as the big baddies for now.

I even made a game cartridge for it.
Drifter Wars Game Cartridge
You can also click this image!
I have so many projects right now that deserve my time and energy, I have no time for such games! I apologize, but sometimes I just have to do the thing right in front of me.

Back to work now, I promise.

We dug back thru our Archives and managed to find a rare screenshot from Drifter Wars: Eve Online:

The angled side-scrolling was truly ground-breaking for its time.

It seems some of our more intrepid fans followed a long-held gaming myth to the middle of an Arizona landfill and found an original game box:

The legend just won't die.

And now a Wallpaper of an old ad from the game's original release has been scanned from an old copy of Byte Magazine!

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  1. My favorite, by far, that I have seen you do. So cool.

    1. Thanks! It has been a lot of fun today that's for sure.

  2. Mate that's awesome. Great work.

  3. I am sooooo digging my Nintendo 64 our for this one.


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