RJ's Icon Guide

Rixx's Icon Guide
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Neville Smit posted earlier about the guide that CCP made to the new icons, you can read it here.  He sorta challenged me to do something about how small and hard to read it was. So I have accepted the challenge. If you click on the image above you can download an 11x17 version to print or use. However, if you really want high-quality, I've also provided a print-quality PDF that you can download by using this link to my DropBox.

I don't think the Overview icons will get any more readable than they are in this document. I had to make some assumptions given the small original size I had to work from, but I think in each case you'll get the idea. Hope this helps.

As always, enjoy!

RJ's Icon Guide Dark
And a dark version for those that prefer them
The Dark version can now be downloaded as a PDF using this link.