The Frosty Wolfpack

Hunters hunt, or they starve. And while there are many strategies, tactics and group organizational plans that work well for the hunter in certain situations - the hunter must also adapt to the world around them. The hunter is not responsible for the environment they find themselves living in, but they better be able to recognize it and work it to stay alive. And while the hunters may not create that environment, they do have a certain responsibility to maintain it. Or else they will also starve. It is no surprise then that evolution bestowed the gift of intelligence to the hunters and not the prey.

While we do a bit of everything in Stay Frosty, over the past two years we've evolved our own method of working within the environment we find ourselves. I don't actually label things, but for the sake of this post I'll call it the "Frosty Wolfpack" or the Solo Gang. While we certainly didn't invent the concept we have, by benefit of flying it almost every single day, perfected it.

The concept is rather simple. How do you organize a group of primarily Solo pilots, veterans and young players, into a support group that functions both as a Small Gang and as a Solo expression of individuals? All while hiding that function from potential prey? And allowing the environment to flourish around you, providing plenty of opportunities for action? And the kicker? It has to work no matter how many pilots are playing. From two to two dozen.

The Wolfpack exists within a system bubble about five to six systems wide. It is important to spread out, but not so far that support can't get to you quickish if needed. Solo pilots each function as their own scouts, sharing intel of every system they visit, which starts to build a collective memory of what is happening within that bubble. This gives all members of the pack the intel they couldn't get by flying alone. This is the key to why the Wolfpack works so well and why we encourage all pilots, even those that may not be flying with the pack, to join. Each pilot has the ability to determine opportunities as they present themselves and decide if they are capable of dealing with them on their own, or if they need support. A single pilot can quickly become a small gang of pilots when needed. This is an incredibly empowering part of the experience, each pilot knows that the weight of his mates is behind him.

It also means that opportunities that a solo pilot might normally pass up, suddenly become possible. A solo Tristan might move along if they spot a Vexor in the large for example, but in the pack a simple call can bring enough force for the Tristan to feel comfortable tackling the Vexor. Force projection and expansion in action.

The Wolfpack also presents a false facade to potential targets. Instead of traveling around in a group, the pack is spread out in individual systems. Which makes it difficult to grasp and report effectively. And while the individual pilots have back-up if needed, they don't always use it. Meaning they continue to fly solo or in smaller groups. This makes them flexible to gate camps, blobs and other attempts to destroy the group as a whole. Even when some pilots are lost, the group survives. Usually long enough to exact some measure of revenge.

And unlike more organized activities the Wolfpack doesn't scare away the targets. Gate camps, fleet operations, and linked rovers become known entities that force prey to seek other pastures. And while they each have their place and their uses, none of them work in the same way that the Wolfpack works. Or as well within the environment we find ourselves.

The beauty of this for us is that it gives all our pilots the chance to "play" and learn together in a group, while also experiencing the solo play-style. And it also keeps us working together as a team and not just a vast collection of players off doing their own thing all the time.

It is the social way to play solo and stay frosty.


  1. I have never used it as such but the Wolfpack is a very apropos name for the playstyle we wormholers have been doing forever… Only we just call it small gang. Solo, to us, or at least to me... is flying and fighting actually alone, without backup, dependent on you and you alone.

    We don’t consider ourselves solo players even though we all spend the vast majority of our time flying solo… scouting, scanning, running gas, soloing sites, PI runs, store runs, etc. etc. … but when we see ships in our hole or anyone gets wind of a ToO, we discuss and react accordingly. If it’s a possible solo kill the scout etc. goes for it… if he gets blobbed we try and blob in return. If it is a gang we are looking at, we fleet up and engage as a gang.

    But we don’t consider ourselves solo players… flying with support, either on wing or on call, isn’t really ‘solo’ gameplay. To me, please understand I really do mean IMHO Wingspan TT is one of the best examples of true solo gameplay in EVE.

    1. I'm not much of one for labels, solo can take many forms. What it all comes down to is one player/one ship - no matter what the task at hand is.

    2. Hmmm... agree in theory, disagree in detail... as EVE does not have multiplayer ships.
      So... each ship can't be anything other than just one man in one ship... solo is not, IMHO, 2 guys in 2 ships or 10 guys in 10 ships... but that's just me.


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