Right now, on my list of things that need done, is 17 custom illustrated wallpapers (6 have been finished so far), 8 Alliance/Corp logos, 6 identities, graphics for a "computer game", about 12 misc graphics for various things, an Eve Event identity, a massive "Sekrit Project" that I can't tell you about yet, and a hand-full of odds and ends here and there that need to be completed. Many legacy projects remain in various stages of completion. Add to that the on-going Art Print Series, I am currently hard at work on the next round of potential posters. And then writing Eveoganda. Oh and running a 600 player Alliance and preparing for our/my very first Alliance Tournament. And I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff. Y'know, like finding time to actually play.

And that is just Eve. Let me assure you my real life projects are just as extensive, if not even more so.

I don't mention this for sympathy or anything. This is my journal and I'm just telling you about what is on my mind right now. That stuff I've listed above? It has been that way for the past three years. So nothing unusual about it. And all of those things will get done eventually. One step at a time. As usual.

If I'm not the hardest working Eve player in the world, then I'd like to meet that other person. lol.

I do need a better system for tracking things and I'm going to be working on a new system for that over the next few weeks. I'm even considering making it public, like on Google Docs or something, so that everyone can see where their project stands. Dunno, but if anyone has any suggestions for that, I'm all ears.

So yeah, no time today for a full post. I had some real life things that needed taken care of this morning. And then some things on SiSi that I had to do for the AT. So those are done. And I even found time to design an album cover for a band in England, and revise a couple of logo designs. Sheesh.

If this is all going to be my new career, it is time to start taking things a bit more seriously. Nose to the grindstone.


  1. Just curious, what's an "identity" in this context?

    1. Like the ones I've done for Crossing Zebras, Neocom, Hydrostatic, New Eden Update, etc.


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