Eveoganda Films

Eveoganda Films now has its own page here.

That page doesn't include all of my Eve videos, but it does include the better ones. I didn't start out to make my own videos. In fact, for years I avoided it for several reasons. When I started playing Eve I was surrounded by productions, real ones that paid a lot of money and I wasn't all that interested in doing more for free. I did throw a few together here and there to support various efforts, but nothing serious. And by serious I mean effort. I doubt most of my videos could be labeled "serious". Although "Greatness" (Which really kicked off a trend didn't it?) is probably the most serious.

That all changed with the closing of my agency business and the arrival of "Dumb Ways to Die". That video has to be one of the most bizarre Eve videos ever made and the chance to work with Sindel was one I couldn't pass up. What it did show me was that I could come up with ideas that could be executed that didn't tread over already well-worn ground. In order for something to interest me it has to be challenging, interesting and new. I oculd certainly spend my time making another PvP video, but why bother when others are doing so many truly good ones? That doesn't interest me.

Mostly I use Eve videos as training ground, a chance to practice something that I don't get the chance to practice in real life. That's what spawned "Stay Frosty Opening Credits", one night as my wife and I were watching True Detective I wondered aloud about the opening credits. And went to work.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying I've recently started to think about doing more with Eve video. Both from a humorous and more serious perspective. I am currently working on a massive new project that isn't like anything else that has ever been tried in the annals of fan made video. And I'm also working on a short film script that I'm very excited about, that is based in the Eve universe. That one may or may not ever come to fruition, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try. I strongly believe that Eve is the perfect place for such projects, it is a living universe that is crying out with great stories waiting to be told. From a wide variety of perspectives.

I create for myself first. To achieve some specific personal goal, to overcome some challenge I've set for myself, or to learn or expand upon my own skills. This is no different than what I've always done in every other aspect of my life. When I was young people kept telling me that I couldn't. Even today I run into that attitude everywhere I go. That attitude is keeping me from finding regular employment. There is no room in this world for a jack of all trades, master of them all. The world demands that we focus on something and looks askance at anyone stupid enough to try everything. You can't be a writer AND an Art Director, much less an Editor and a Illustrator! Or an Animator and a Designer. For goodness sake man, focus on something!

Nope. I won't. Deal with it.