Gate to Gate Future

Best tagline ever?

Ok the first episode is in the can. I consider it a good first step and a huge accomplishment to even get it finished. All I see when I watch it myself is the numerous mistakes, errors, and places where I wish I had done something differently. Tricky thing. Not only from a technical side, but from a humor side as well. It ain't perfect, and certainly imperfection is part of its charm (on purpose), but hopefully it will only get better as time goes on.


Yes, that's right. I wanted to get the first episode in the can to establish the format and see if it would work. I also wanted to get all the real work done up front before I started promising delivery. But now that the show is out in the real world, it is time to open up the concept a little to the greater community.

How can you help? See below in order of complication:

1. Viewer Questions
Each episode will feature two viewer questions. This is the easiest way to participate, all you have to do is think of a question (any question!) and record it, send it to me, and I'll pop that sucker into the catalog of questions. Be sure to follow the format and identify your in-game character up front. I'll keep a running library of these and use them when I can and they make sense for the show. Easy. (Your phone has a memo function for goodness sake!)

2. Special Guests
Each episode will feature a Special Guest, so if you'd like to volunteer for that role please let me know. I have people in mind for future episodes but I will consider anyone of note in the community. Again this couldn't be easier, I send you a few questions and you record your answers. All the hard work is on my end.

3. Content
I'm also open to including content created by others in the show. If you have an idea for a humorous PSA, or fake commercial, or special report, of something else - just let me know. Remember that it should be about something focused on in-game, but it can include sly remarks about the greater community. Anything works really. All I ask is that it be exclusive to the show, at least until after the episode airs.

4. Advertising
I am going to start accepting advertising on the show with some stipulations. :15 and :30 second slots are available for 1 and 2b respectively. However, I will not accept advertising for Corporations or Alliances. In-game and out-of-game community services are fine. And I will also accept one FREE charity ad per episode, if you run a community charity and don't have an ad already, I will create one for you. Just get in touch and we can talk about it. Also, ads based around a timed event are probably a bad idea, I can't predict when the episode will air.

5. Characters
This is the hardest one. And I already have a few volunteers. But I'd like the show to have more voices than just mine, so if you are interested in performing one of many characters that will be appearing on the show in the future, contact me and we can talk about it.

Any other wild hair ideas I'm always willing to listen.

"This... probably the greatest Eve show I've seen so far. Thumbs up!" - Mr. Spaxi

"That was awesome! Looking forward to ep. 2" - Buck Dodge

"Presentation , quality, were spot on. Amazed at the lip sync tech and how good it looked and blended in." - Katie Sae

"What an excellent show. Will spam corp with it. :)" - The Minustqrian

"Just watched the Rixx Javix Gate to Gate show. A work of genius!" - Drackarn

"Great stuff, I really needed the laughs." - Matto Voltaro

"haha! Awesome, I hope you do more!" - Nashh Kadavr


  1. OK.. ok... I gotta hand it to you on this one... very cool. =]

    1. OMG!! I must mark my calendar!! Turamarth said he liked something!! I feel faint... mustn't pass out...

    2. There you go Rixx. You just got a guest: Turamarth.

      Get him on the show. This I bet will be a great interview. :-)

    3. Even better I should create a character that just argues with me about everything. :)


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