Something Rixx Javix Will Like

UPDATE: So it came to my attention that during the latest Jeff Raider Show (Episode 9), which is a great show and I highly recommend it. This happened:

(Grrr, for some reason Blogger is being stoopid. I'll get this sorted shortly.)

At around the 1:07:15 mark CCP Fozzie and CCP Masterplan are reviewing the new Navy Electronic Warfare Frigates when it becomes time to discuss the new Navy Maulus. Not only is this exciting, more new ships are always a good thing, but when it comes time to tell us about the additional bonuses the ship gets for Warp Scramble strength, CCP Fozzie can't resist himself:

"But it also has a bonus to Warp Scrambler strength, so you can catch people with Warp Core Stabs. Which I think is something that Rixx Javix is really going to like."
Cue laughter.

I admit it, I laughed also. This reminded me of the Low Sec Roundtable at Fanfest when Fozzie made a un-prompted joke about me and WCS. That was also a funny moment. During Fanfest I pretty much made an annoyance of myself with Fozzie, Masterplan, and any other Devs I talked to about the problem regarding these modules. The great thing about talking face to face with your heroes (and let's face it, Devs are our heroes!) is that the conversations are totally devoid of the trappings of posture that we all take when we are grinding axes out here on this side of the fence. At those moments it is just two fans of Eve speaking to each other. This is one big reason why I would encourage any Eve player to make the trip, in person you understand that we are ALL fans of Eve. Even those that work on the game.

The point I made in person is that while I obviously make a lot of "hay" out here about WCS, the only real issue I have with them is the lack of a reasonable counter. Every thing in Eve has a reasonable counter. And don't even start with putting multiple scrams on your ships, I do that all the time and there is nothing reasonable about it. (To a slightly lesser degree it is also the problem with off-grid links!) Having to seriously neuter my own ship in order to counter something that I may or may not encounter is not a counter. It is over-compensation that leaves me vulnerable to every other ship in the game.

When we talked about it they all agreed that this was not optimal game design. And we discussed several alternatives, none of which involved banning them from the game by the way. Although that would be easier.

So is the new Maulus the answer? Maybe. At the very least it will swing the arms of balance back towards the middle. At the very least it puts a weapon in our hands that we can use for its intended purpose. Which is all any of us out here fighting every day really wanted. Give us the tools and we can pretty much figure anything out on our own.

So yes, this is news that I really like. And thank you.

So what can I bug you about at the next Fanfest?

PS: The fan-boy in me loves the fact that my posters frame almost every shot in the o7 Show. There are times during close-ups that my signature is visible right above someone's shoulder. How awesome is that!?! lol.


  1. Just an idea. Change Warp Core Stabilizers into modules that need to be activated and which require capacitor. Then they would require action on the part of the pilot and would have a counter (and counter-counter).

    1. I did discuss this possibility with the devs in Iceland. And also other potential solutions, of which there are many. While everyone agreed the module needs to be looked at fresh, it essentially has never been touched, the solution is a bit trickier. Like anything in Eve it has ripple effects, which I certainly appreciate.

  2. Here we go again....
    "I pretty much made an annoyance of myself with Fozzie, Masterplan, and any other Devs I talked to about the problem regarding these modules."

    Kinda figured that was what happened...

    "Having to seriously neuter my own ship in order to counter something that I may or may not encounter is not a counter."

    Uh... yes, it is. IRL when a military force gears up for a mission they gear up for what they reasonably expect to encounter based on their knowledge of the enemy and his tech and abilities... once they are in the field what they have with them is what they have... if they run into circumstances where their load-out is not the "Best" desired load-out, too bad. They, IRL HTFU, and either back off and regroup or they adapt and overcome.

    What you are arguing is not about the worth or usefulness of WCS... you are arguing that you don't want to undock fitted for anti-WCS which changes (in your opinion nerfs) your DPS/tackle abilities... too bad, either back off and regroup or adapt and overcome.

    These are the choices EVE's gameplay forces on all of us everyday... you want the game to be easier for YOU... You don't want to have to make these fitting choices. I find it fascinating that you always talk about WCS but never about scrams and webs. Both are Ewar, and the 'counter' is fitting choices. You have stated that you kill WCS fitted ships all the time... you just don't like having to fit for that role and you don't like that, when not fit against max WCS, it makes players able to escape from you which they should not be able to do as it's a War... one you are not even a part of as you are not IN FacWar.

    This is my issue with your campaign... you are not IMO doing this to fix a problem in EVE... it's just something that forces you to play in a way you don't like and you want that changed. And I really don't agree with that basis. And you can argue all you like that is it is bigger problem and not 'personal'... but we've been going back n forth on this for a long time, and you have yet to convince me.

    I feel I now NEED to go to FF2016 to "counter" you with the Devs.... LOL howz that for some metagaming!!! =]

    1. Please come to Fanfest! That'd be awesome.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ah my friend... there's the rub. I quite simply can't afford it. 5 kids 'tween my wife n I... from 32 to 12, with 2 still at home, a 5 acre hobby farm (wife is raising 26 hogs for teh bacon) w/ 2 houses on the property, the main house and the guest cottage which we rent... bills, feed, food, upkeep and well... not much is left.

      I'd love to cry poverty but he truth is my dad was right... an mans wealth sometimes is not measure in dollars in the bank as much as the dollar amount of his bills and debts. By that light I am upper middle class, by the amount we have left over to do with as we please... poor as church mice.

      It's all in the choices we make and as much as I so deeply deeply want to go to FF... year after year after year I cannot in good conscience justify it. And I bet I want to just go as bad as you did before you were finally able to justify the expense...

      Ah well, mebbe one day...

    4. Let's hope that one day it makes sense for you, because I do only want the best for you my friend. Despite our frequent in-ability to see eye-to-eye on certain issues, it is never personal. Goodness knows. I went six years pinning away and sitting at home watching Fanfest from a distance until things worked out to finally get me there. And that only from a strange confluence of events. So I know from where you speak. Hang in there.

    5. I feel the same Rixx, I too want the best for you and this great virtual 'verse we share. Just because we disagree does not mean we are at odds... You are to me a fellow gamer, a fellow blogger, a resident in my neighborhood of New Eden, an internet spaceships comrade, an artist, an advocate for your playstyle... and a friend.

      Yes, we disagree on some things... but what fun is it to preach to the choir? We learn more about ourselves and others through meaningful open honest discourse over divergent topics and opinions than we do swaying arm-in-arm together humming Kumbaya and nodding in unison...

      When we agree all I can say is, "I agree." But when we disagree there is dialog and that wonderful back-n-forth of idea's and viewpoints that can change hearts and minds and open one's eyes to new ways of thinking and understanding.

      I must at this point say once again that I apologize for any seeming contentiousness or if I come of a bit strong in my opinions... I just feel strongly about those things that I feel strongly about and I find it hard to 'sound' otherwise... As such it has been brought to my attention that I can sometimes come off as a bit of an opinionated asshat. This is not my intent and I apologize for that... I will try and do better.

      The only thing I can say in my defense is that when I feel I am right, I feel I am right... but... prove me wrong, show me the error in my thinking and perception and I will gracefully accept that I was wrong and I will change my mind. And I will be as strong an advocate for the 'new truth' as I was for the 'old truth'.

      And yes... mebbe one day I can somehow justify a trip to FF... it would be a real high for me. And while we have already met once IRL, we didn't get to talk much and I would really like to have the time to sit and really get to know each other better... only time will tell.

    6. I keep hoping we have another meet-up down in your area. At the very least you'll have to come up to Pittsburgh next Summer for ours!

    7. " Every thing in Eve has a reasonable counter. And don't even start with putting multiple scrams on your ships, I do that all the time and there is nothing reasonable about it. ... Having to seriously neuter my own ship in order to counter something that I may or may not encounter is not a counter. It is over-compensation that leaves me vulnerable to every other ship in the game."

      Rixx you are a good pirate and I like you and your corp. Your views WCS are just one area I cannot agree with you on. I agree with you that they should be limited or removed from usefulness in Factional Warfare, but I am not even sure you directly participate in FW yourself, you dirty pirate.

      Allow me to counter your arguments. "Everything should have a reasonable counter." The counter to a WCS is a Scram. WCS +1, Scram -2. One module countered by another. Ah but you say they use more than 1 WCS! Yes and to do so they gimp their ship into a specialty role that prevents them from engaging in many things, just as a counter fit would have to by either A) also specializing or B) bringing more ships with enough points to counter it.

      Now you might say this is not balanced, but I argue that it is no different than any module that contributes to a passive shield tank. If a person sacrifices utility and damage for a strong passive regen their are only 2 possible counters A) specialize your ship to have enough DPS to break the regen (perhaps gimping it for normal combat as you drop tank and utility to increase that DPS, or B) Bring more ships with enough DPS to counter it. I won't get into HIC also having a hard counter to any WCS ship.

      Specialized fits should not be trivialized because they are hard to counter with a general fit. And that is what your argument seems to suggest. While the WCS fits may be a bit silly, arguing that they should be removed to support your own game play is narrow minded.

      Now if you proposed that WCS and pointing devices should both be limited, I would say you are making an interesting change. If a ship were limited to 1 WCS and 1 pointing device that would create some interesting choices. Do you bring a long point or a scram as that 1 device, you have a choice to bring the counter to WCS but are now limited in range.

  3. Hehe to catch a ride on your band wagon I think I should start a campaign to ban disruptors/scrams. I can fit wcs' to overcome that, but it seriously nerfs my ships' dps and speed/agility and such... ;-)

    1. Go for it. That is the great thing about Eve and this community, it is a rather large sandbox.


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