BB70: Dear Santa

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 70th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are please visit the Blog Banter page.

Dear CCP, I want a Space-Pony and a Space-Puppy and a....
If CCP was Santa and you could ask for anything (in-game obviously) what would it be? A new type of ship that is tailored to your game-play? A change to mechanics? A battleship mini-doomsday weapon? Proper hats for your avatar? Opening of that bloody door? There are so many different options depending on what you do and what you want to get out of Eve Online. What would you like to see in your virtual Christmas stocking from CCP?

CCP Fozzie kinda ruined this blog post for me. I usually ask for WCS to be banned from the game, which as most people know is just my way of pointing out a bad game mechanic that needs to be worked on, but this year I got the Navy Maulus under my tree. With a built-in bonus to scram strength and range... well, those WCS in your low slots are not going to help you. I love the ship and have been practice flying it around for the past few days, working on fits and whatnot. Yesterday I got eight kills and four final blows (KILLMARKS!!! Another Gooder Eve suggestion btw!) before I hero tackled a Magus and sadly landed right smack on top of him and exploded.

Lately it has felt like Fozzie and everyone at CCP had just been reading back over my Gooder Eve posts and saying, "Ok let's do something like that!" Anti-WCS ships, Killmarks, Tactical Bookmarks, Citadels (Battle POS!!), Skill Training, Tractor Beams... the list is long. And while the Gooder Eve posts are not always serious, they are always intended to get a conversation started about improving Eve and the experience of playing it. So where does that leave us today? There is no doubt that Eve is better now than it has ever been and it looks to only continue getting better and better in the very near future.

So what could possibly make it even better?


HATS!!!  This one is a no-brainer. Not only would avatar hats be seriously boss, it would be yet another way that CCP could pilfer our wallets. Everyone wins. I know somewhere inside the corporate towers of CCP that someone is secretly working on this project. So it should only be a matter of time. Woot!!

Fitting UI Concept Revised

Dynamic Fitting Window!!  True fitting functionality inside of Eve! It isn't just about how the fitting window "looks", it is also about how it functions inside of Eve. Why do we have to rely on 3rd party tools to give us the information and functionality we need? I want to know overheat stats, cap usage, and all the other important information when I'm fitting my ship. No brainer. And someone already did the concept work. :)

T3 Frigates!
I also think we should consider taking the Assault Frigate Class and turn it into the T3 Frigate Class. AFs have been squeezed hard between recent balancing and new Dessie additions, not to mention all the love actual Frigates have gotten. They need love and what better way than to make them somewhat modular and role specific? It makes perfect sense and would help save the Class. Do eet!!

Pirate Ceptors
I'm actually working on some concepts for these, but Pirate Interceptors would be sweet. No high slots, but each one has the unique ability to STACK PROP MODS!! (That might be a horrible idea, like I said this one is early in development.)

Seriously though, if I had one wish it would be being asked to come work for CCP and help CCP Spitfire bring the Eve Store to life for Eve, Gunjack and Valkyrie. And then, once inside the machine, I could annoy the crap out of everyone else with these crazy ideas thru legit channels. lolz.

Hey, a guy can dream can't he?!?