Happy Holidays Eve

The Gift - Eve Online HD Wallpaper
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It has become a holiday tradition over the years, my annual holiday themed Eve Wallpaper. So here is this year's entry just for you. I didn't set out to make this one, it just sorta kinda happened in a very weird way. Lately I've been trying to carve out some time each day to practice illustrating, painting, and whatnot on my new computer. Mostly I've just been exploring and trying out a whole bunch of new things, seeing how they work, and what can and can't be done with them. Yesterday I had the bright idea for a new illustration that would feature an Astero discovering a Christmas tree on an asteroid. Which sounds awesome right?

And it could be. It is also A LOT of work! (lol) Which I don't normally mind, but this is the Holidays and with kid's concerts and everything else going on (like editing an entire book!) time is rather hard to come by. So I adapted the idea instead. I don't think you'll mind. It is, after all, the spirit that counts.

I'm sure I'll have a holiday themed post around before Christmas, so I'll save the mushy stuff until then. Enjoy the Wallpaper.

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