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I've been thinking about doing a podcast for over three years, I've even mentioned it many times here in these pages. So the other night while we were watching the new season of Maron on Netflix, I decided it was time to get off the pot and do eet! I'm a huge fan of Marc Maron's WTF podcast and while I have no intentions of trying to emulate his show, it does sort of fit the general expectations I've set for myself. Goodness knows it may all crash and burn horribly. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It is time to branch out and try something new. I've been banging it in these pages for a long time now and while the blog is doing well, it is about time to expand things a bit. Plus I finally have the new computer up and running, new audio set-up, and all the software I'll need to make it happen. So why not?

I plan on taking elements from the blog and translating them into a weekly show. A short weekly show, I'm thinking of aiming for between 30-60 minutes tops. I don't know about you, but I prefer a shorter show. It gives me a much better chance of finding time to listen to it. Plus I think its a good idea to try and keep things moving. I'd also like to aim at having a guest for each show if possible. I'm not trying to re-create or publish something like anyone else's show. My goal is to create something rather unique and that stands on its own. But I'm also leaving things open to develop over time. A show like this needs to work on its own merits, so we'll see where it takes us.

So this post is really just an announcement that I'm moving forward with it. I'm talking with the guys at Evil At Work about hosting, it seems the timing may work out perfectly since they are just about ready to launch a podcasting home themselves. If that works out then that will solve some back-end headaches for me and give the podcast a place to live and do whatever it is destined to do.

More updates coming soon™


  1. You don't need "Evil at Work". Just straight up YouTube it. That way you have Full control and not have it tied up with guys that not everybody has a good relationship with. I am not saying "Evil at Work" are bad. But they have a bad rep due to things in the past with charity events and ISK not going where it should. Don't get sucked into that brand. Be your own brand. I say youtube it because that is the one tool/site that has the most reach in terms of target audience. Everybody and their Eve alt can see the youtubes and on 99.9% of most devices be it SmartTV's/HTPC iPads/Tablets iPhones/Android/Windows/Blackberry phones. There is not many places a youtube video can not be seen. And if your show is just pure audio and not a video style show. Then just add a picture of something EVE related and then push to your youtube page. As a 2nd also publish your show to soundcloud. This is all very simple. And trust me. KiSS is a good thing when you are starting.

  2. Yea 30min to an hour should work out great. I always enjoy listening to Eve podcasts while I work out, and that usually takes about 45 minutes. Unless of course I drink a beer first, then I just skip the workout entirely:-) Perhaps the first topic for discussion should be about being a pirate! Yarr... Good luck in your new endeavor.

  3. Yeah, what Oddsodz said, putting podcasts up on YouTube seems to be a thing these days, and you keep control. Plus EaW has a bad rep for a legit reason, don't reward that.

    On length, planning on anything over an hour always seems like hubris. Even The Mittani keeps his weekly show to an hour. Open quick (no five minute songs), brief intros for guests, straight to the topic at hand, which is presumably why people are listening. Avoid inside jokes and running gags between shows. Listen to the Asher Hour or the Jeff Raider show to sort of see what I mean. They both tend to get stuck right into the interesting stuff.

  4. If this podcast is even half as good as some of the art I have seen on this site I expect to be a huge fan, looking forward to it

  5. Soundcloud free accounts are very limited in space. YouTube seems the best free and keep-full-control-of-your-content solution.

    As far as podcast length goes, 30-60 mins seems about right for the kind of podcast you're aiming to do. But for more in-depth discussion among several people on a wide-ranging topic like the Lore Panels that Hydrostatic does, a much longer duration works well so that people can dive deep into the topic. fwiw, I don't listen to EVE podcasts that consist of aimless (often drunken) rambling conversation and plays of entire songs or long interludes in musical styles that I hate.


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