Aeon Special Edition

Aeon Special Edition Art Print
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The Aeon is a challenging ship to portray given its rather unique design. As always however, my approach to this specific series has never been technical, or practical in nature. The idea for me has always been about poetry thru design. And while this might sound a tad weird, from an artistic perspective it makes total sense. I won't pretend that I always succeed at my goals with each and every ship, some are certainly better than others. But I strive to capture the essence of each ship each time I start planning an illustration. The Aeon is a tough one. So finally I just gave up trying to figure out how to get both sides in one drawing, and decided to let the ship fly away from me. Often it is when I give up trying that the solution presents itself naturally. Somehow, in my mind at least, this solution captures the spirit of the Aeon in a poetic frozen moment of time as she gracefully flies away.

I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Looks great! All my wallpapers are your spaceships

    1. You are obviously a person of distinguished and refined taste in the finer arts. Thank you

  2. I can honestly say, I've never looked at an Aeon from this perspective.


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