After Hours Podcast

Episode One with CCP Fozzie

Episode Two with Gabriel Cassata

Finally after 5 months my new podcast has a home over on Crossing Zebras. Thanks to Niden and the team over there for making this work at the last minute and for welcoming me into the CZ family. Much appreciated. The story of how I ended up there is not very interesting and is no one's fault, one thing led to another and it just made the most sense to maximize the exposure and get the darn thing rolling. As I said to everyone involved, the timing actually worked out well in hindsight. I had no idea five months ago when I decided to start recording these, that so much would happen over that period of time. So it all worked out.

I have no clue if these will be popular, or if they will even find an audience. All I can tell you is that I think they are awesome and I enjoy doing them. The goal is to just sit down and have a decent conversation with as many people around the Eve Community as possible, even some that are only involved in the periphery. I believe we have one of the most vibrant and creative communities in all of gaming and I enjoy talking with people and hearing more about their story. So that is what I'm going to do until someone makes me stop.

Now that the cat is out of the bag I need to get busy lining up new guests for upcoming episodes. So don't be surprised when I come knocking on your door.

I hope you enjoy the first two episodes and be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments here or over on CZ.



  1. Listened to the first podcast this morning, enjoyed it immensely

    1. Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully they only get better.

  2. I enjoyed it, you've a good voice for radio! The content was good and the banter about warp stabs was nice!
    I did not get the comic stuff but I know little about it but I could tell you both had a blast.

    1. Thank you! Each episode will be about different things and mostly about Eve. But you never know what we might end up talking about.

    2. My partner got into the car when the podcast was running, they really, really, like your voice.
      They didn't care about the content, just your voice.
      Things went interesting from there. :-P


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