The first official behind-the-scenes photo
I apologize ahead of time. Yesterday I trolled #tweetfleet pretty hard with this image, which is simply a slightly doctored photo from the set of Prometheus. It speaks to the overwhelming desire we all share to see something real spring forth from our little corner of the science-fiction universe. One of the things that makes the Eve community work so well is our sense of under-dog status, not only in the greater world of gaming, but in the real world as well. You can sense it every time an article breaks thru into the Press. Or every time someone "out-there" mentions Eve. It is fundamental to being an Eve player. This is not a negative, it is the glue that binds us all together. We have a small inferiority complex when it comes to Eve.

That's why we want that image to be real so badly. The idea of a television or film based on the Eve universe is so compelling, for us such a 'duh', that we are willing to suspend our own disbelief. It should be happening. Heck, it should have already happened. Why is this not happening?

 No one wishes Baltasar Kormákur and Ridley Scott success in bringing Eve to life more than I do. I hope they manage to succeed. The news about the development has been out for a number of years now and Sir Ridley is notorious for having a full development slate of projects that never come to fruition, not as bad as Del Toro, but close. To me it seems like the perfect project to develop a trailer, or short film around first. Not only to drive interest, but also to shop around to investors. So it makes you wonder why this hasn't happened yet. I have no inside knowledge and perhaps they are moving forward in a different direction. I hope that is the case and this isn't something that is going to languish in development hell for years to come.

If they are looking for ideas to get started, I know this guy with a million of them. He's cheap. He already belongs to the WGA and he even plays Eve. >cough<

Just sayin'.

(Actually my membership to the WGA isn't current, but that could be fixed easily enough.)


  1. It's not happening because EVE isn't big enough to warrant it, and doesn't have anything resembling a good enough lore to be worth it. Why would someone want the costs of using the EVE IP when they can just slap "generic spaceship based scifi" on it and be in the same position? The only way this is going to happen is if either CCP directly or EVE players make it happen, and sadly any attempts to do that will be met with the usual cries of RMT, because making money supporting something you love is apparently a terrible thing.

    1. Sad to say, but I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    2. Gee, if only CCP would get its act together regarding licensing matters so that creatives who are also EVE fans/players could have a compensation path for their professional quality efforts. The creative floodgates of the playerbase would just burst open in a win-win scenario for everyone.

    3. From your mouth to the ears of God.

  2. To be fair, Hollywood has made movies from board games, hit songs, a ride at an amusement park, toy lines.... can keep going. Logic of why is suspended in Hollywood. :)

  3. If they are making a movie about emojis then this has at least some merit

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