Keepstar Art Print Poster

Keepstar Art Print Poster
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I keep pushing the envelope on this series. 159 illustrated posters are now completed in the series. Which is incredible to me. The first one was posted back in October 2014 and since then I've gotten progressively better at them, a lot of which is a combination of technical improvements (new computer, new Wacom tablet, etc.) and personal improvements (practice makes perfect!). When I sit down to start a new one I keep asking myself the same question, how can I make this one even more difficult for myself.

Frankly I'm running out of answers to that question. After the FAX poster and after this one, the last batch on the table right now, I'm starting to feel like moving on to something else. Certainly the enthusiasm level has dropped considerably over the last few months. A large part of that is a result of the cancellation of the collaboration between myself and CCP. That turn of events sucked a huge ball of give-a-shit out of me. I don't want to give the wrong impression, I'm not talking about stopping work on producing Eve based artwork. I'm only talking about the "Art Print" series. It may be time to move on, as I think I've pushed the envelope on that series as far as it can go.

Part of that is community based as well. There are posters in the series with tens of thousands of views. But the more recent entries have only a few hundred. I suspect the enthusiasm amongst the community for these has also wained over time. And considering the huge investment of time and energy that they represent, perhaps I can find something else to do with that valuable time. Like play Eve. Or draw something else.

Or finish the book. Or make more videos.

Like I said, only thinking out loud. I still enjoy drawing spaceships. So that will never change. And who knows, maybe the next series will be even better?


  1. Probably this is out of your personal skill set, but, do you know what do I miss from EVE, graphically speaking? The ilustrations of chronicles, with their vision of New Eden from the human level.

    Hardware pictures are cool, and you've done some amazing stuff, but I miss the humane dimension of it. Capsuleers are (mostly) human, certainly they have a human shape. It's been a long time since we were shown them in that aspect and not as mighty war machines...

    BTW, it sucks that CCP no longer cooperates with you. It's not as if they're in an excess of good will from players.

  2. Who on earth would CCP stop working with you?

    Those prints are excellent.

    1. No idea. I was led to believe they are "reevaluating" all agreements right now. That is all I know.

  3. I have downloaded all the art prints you have done. However, as much as I look forward to them (I must admit I missed the release of the last bunch - I must have missed the posts where you linked them) I do recognize that these are gifts from you to us. We have no right to expect this gift to continue. This is your effort, your passion, your skill pouring out just for our benefit. If you feel that you are losing your own desire to produce them, then don't.

    You owe us nothing.

    If you have no passion to put into these pieces of art, you are only hurting yourself. If something is driving you to produce a particular piece, then create it. But don't continue with a long series of works, if your passion for that series is waning. Stop.

    Perhaps it will come back. If it does, then we are fortunate. If it does not, then we are still fortunate that you gave us what you did.

    Your relationship with all things EvE has changed over the years, and it will continue to evolve. Why should your own artistic expression of that relationship not evolve ? If someone feels hard done by, that a particular ship has not been represented when it *should* have been, let them commission it directly.

    Do not serve this horrible beast, this sense of entitlement which has infected so many of us.


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