Empyrean Chronicles Next Steps

This is just a mock-up
So where does the Empyrean Chronicles go from here? Based on the traffic numbers, the amount of media attention, the general buzz in the community, and the downloads that I know about, I think I can safely say the first volume was a rousing success. As this is the Eve community we are talking about, it can be hard to judge such things. We tend to be very vocal about things we don't like and less so about things we do. But, even so, I think the general consensus is extremely positive. So let's go with that.

Yes I do plan to continue the series. I'm going to be doing something slightly different with the next two volumes however. I've talked this idea over with Telegram Sam, who runs the annual Pod and Planet fiction contest, and the next two volumes will include fiction pulled from the archives of that contest. These are all great stories that have already been written and deserve a chance in the spotlight. Not to mention a wider audience. Moving forward I'm hoping there will be even more synergy between the contest and the book, perhaps a volume each year specifically pulled from the annual contest. But first things first.

I also believe there will be room in each volume for new works. I just don't know exactly how to handle that yet. Last year some submissions to volume one were lost when I lost my computer. A few others got mixed up in the transfer to the editing on Google Docs. I freely admit, as a first time Editor-In-Chief, I had a lot to learn. For anyone whose work was omitted in the first volume, my sincere apologies. So I am being extremely mindful when I take a deep breath and try to prepare a proper system before asking for new submissions. This was the springboard for the idea of pulling from the PNP archives in the first place.

What I do need however is artists. Sure I could just scour the internet for Eve related artwork and pop anything I wanted into the book. Its all Eve IP after all and the book is free. But I don't want to do that, the mere idea is horrible. So I've already started reaching out to some new people I'd love to work with and I have others yet to contact. But if you are interested in providing art for the new volume please feel free to contact me. Art is the one thing that can really take a huge amount of time and we need to get started.

In other news, I also had an idea for another book. I don't want to share the concept with you yet, but I've already reached out to someone about it and they are on board. We just need to get together and talk it thru. I'm very excited about the idea and I think it will be an extremely interesting collaboration. And something new and different for the community. And no, it has nothing to do with the Fountain War.

Although I am trying to get Jeff Edwards on the After Hours podcast, so if anyone knows Jeff can you please try to help out. I think he'd be a great guest and it would be very interesting to hear from him now that the Vegas book is in the rearview mirror.

Things continue to develop here at Eveoganda World HQ, as always.

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  1. Ooooo! Great idea about getting TS on board and the P&P contest!

  2. Huh. Guess I was wrong with the cook book . . .

    A most excellent idea about using the P&P entrants, good lateral thinking whoever came up with that one.

    1. Well... No, I can't say anymore! You'll have to wait.

  3. Rixx,

    Saw these posters and I thought of you and your work.


    Shelley Tortuga


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