Empyrean Chronicles, Volume One

Click the link above to download your FREE PDF copy of the book!
Chock full of great Eve Fiction and Art, Empyrean Chronicles Vol 1 features
19 stories and tons of artwork, including several never-before-seen new pieces from
Gabriel Cassata and Rixx Javix!

Wow. And it is all FREE. Download your copy today.
And be sure to enjoy the heck out of it.


  1. Hot damn! I'm in it.

    With the exception of a few early correspondences, I had not heard anything specific about where things stood so this is pleasant surprise.

    Now, having adoringly gazed my own navel first, back to the Empyrean Chronicles to discover what other wonders lurk about.

  2. Cool Stuff (TM)!

    Since Dropbox took about an hour to fully download the document, I printed it as a 720 dpi PDF and uploaded it to WeTransfer. The download link will be live for just 7 days but should suffice to ease the urge to get a copy...


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  4. Really, really nice! Excellent stories and beautiful artworks complementing each other. Another reason you can never escape EVE-- you just never know what great stuff might come out of the community.

  5. Fantastic job! Kudos to everyone involved

  6. Very Good! Just spent 3 hours reading it from cover to cover. Some of the stories could be expanded to become books. Congrats on a great job.


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