This is this year's A Band Apart video for the ATIV Tournament. You can view last year's video at this link if you'd like.

The inspiration for this years video came from a Stay Frosty propaganda wallpaper I did back in 2013.

Stay Frosty "Anarchy" Wallpaper

Which in turn was inspired by a Lucifer's Hammer wallpaper I did back in 2011, which was sorta kinda based on an ad I did that ran in EON Magazine back in 2010. So yeah, the idea/concept/inspiration goes back a long way.

But the real idea was to encapsulate the spirit of adventure and daring-do that our entire Alliance shows each and every day. Plus our sense of humor, or my sense of humor, however that works. All that matters is that it turned out good.

I think. Who knows. At least it's done now.


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