32 Teams Remain

We achieved our goal of making it to the second weekend, now what? Only 32 teams remain from the first weekend and a large number of those already have one loss on their record. A Band Apart among them. It isn't the strongest position to be in, another loss and we go home. Our 3-1 record doesn't mean anything now, all that matters is the match in front of us. One fight at a time.

I have no idea how things will go this weekend. And I'm not stupid enough to pound my chest and make dumb claims about us winning this or that match. I've been around Eve long enough to know better than that. So much of the AT comes down to Rock, Paper Scissors luck. Land in the arena with the wrong comp match-up and watch your team disappear around you. Land in the right comp and have a fighting chance. The trick is to find that "right" comp against an invisible enemy. You can't plan for everything and bans mean you can't plan for anything. The good news, is that the other team is in the exact same boat.

Add to that the chance that the enemy burns out their webs. Or that their BS is actually DC'd. John Madden once said that a winning football team often comes down to which way the ball bounces for them. So far, the ball has been bouncing in our favor. Mostly. It didn't in our match against GMVA. And it might just decide to do that again.

So what is the answer? The only answer is hard work. Preparation, determination, practice and teamwork. Our team has excelled at all of those. We've put the time and the work into this run of ours and I could not be prouder of our pilots. Whatever happens this weekend I know we will give it the best that we have. What more could you ask for?

Our goal now is to win the Alliance Tournament. It is the same goal that the other 31 teams share. But it all comes down to the match in front of you. You have to win that one first.

So let's play this thing out and see where it goes.


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    1. As a matter of fact, it's the other 23 teams; one win and you're in Top 16.

    2. I can't even let myself think like that, gotta stay focused on one match at a time

  2. Good luck to you guys. I know I'm rooting for you all.

  3. Hell yeah, Stay Frosty ftw!


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