Rixx Store Updates

The Rixx Store on RedBubble keeps getting bigger! Check it out.

Every item is available on multiple items as well, not just on t-shirts! We've got Phone cases, laptop cases, hoodies, pillows and just about anything else you'd want. It varies by design because I don't think everything looks good on everything, so I try to only pick things I think look good.

I also take requests by the way. So if you'd like to see something that you can't find anywhere else, just let me know. I'm also going to be adding some Stay Frosty and ABA merch here in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. The store changes often, so bookmark the site and check back often.

FYI - If you'd like me to design you some Corp/Alliance merch and sell it thru my store just let me know. I can take any crappy old Alliance logo and turn it into cool non-Eve-IP related goodies for your pilots to wear with pride.



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