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1. a website containing a writer's own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

This is Eveoganda. It is the blog of a person in the real world, a character in a fake world, and a creative that works in both worlds. It often includes artwork, funny stories, movie reviews, observations, editorials, and generally consists of journal entries regarding the on-going career of a fictional character named Rixx Javix. Rixx is the creation and alter-ego of a real person, the self-same person writing this text. As a fictional character, Rixx does not have the ability to write. Someone has to do it for him.

Each of the 1,983 posts on Eveoganda generally contain what is referred to as "tags" at the bottom which allow for easy classification and search functionality. These tags can also be handy for the less observant or challenged readers to assist in letting them know the perspective, intention, and tone of each piece. Often Eveoganda contains challenging words, or themes, or propaganda which may require intelligence on the part of the reader. Tags can help frame the subject and act as a kind of guide. I use easy words for my tags with this in mind, words like "humor", "PvP", "Pirate", "Game", or "Real World".

For the first few years of this blog I avoided writing anything about my own life and career. Eveoganda was primarily focused on events that happened inside of a universe called New Eden, which is a fictional place full of fictional people and events. As the years went by a strange and weird phenomenon started happening, the blog became super popular and I started meeting a lot of people both in-game and out. These people rapidly became important to me, as fellow pilots, readers, fans, and even friends. Not only did they share their lives with me, but I started sharing my life with them. That is what friends do. And so this journal grew to encompass my real life as well as my fictional one.

Since the beginning of Eveoganda there have been those that are confounded by the writing and art contained in this blog. Even though I very often spell out my intentions clearly, often even before I act on them, some people find things confusing. This has generated a tremendous amount of "hate" over the years. I've had a few real world incidents, my account has been hacked twice, and there have been dozens of in-game incidents not worth mentioning here. Along the way numerous other fictional characters have threatened me, often strongly, with destruction. The character names of these individuals are found scattered through-out this blog's history. If you go looking for them you'll quickly notice a common theme, they are generally not playing Eve anymore. Or if they are, they are all minor characters in some backwater. There are exceptions to this rule and those are the characters that have served a useful purpose in my in-game career. Some of them don't even realize they've been used in this way. They are so consumed by hate that they continue to believe long after it becomes obvious. It is important to remember that this is a fictional universe, a game, and some of us enjoy playing the GAME. I am super great at this GAME. I am probably much better than you at this GAME. But that has nothing to do with REAL LIFE. If you and I meet in real life I'd shake your hand, buy you a drink and swap stories with you. We'd have a good laugh. I've actually done this many, many times. It works.

If you continue to hate me I'm sorry. I'm not going to change. I'm not going to stop doing what I'm doing. All I can promise you is this, my life is an on-going adventure that changes every day. And sometimes, someone will have an idea, or an opinion, or a thought, that will change my mind about something. I'm not the same person I was when I started writing this blog. I am a messy, often inconsistent, challenging, fearful, human being that continues to learn and grow every day. I have learned things from my haters. I have learned more from my friends.

As always thank you for reading. If you don't care for the personal journal entries then please feel free to avoid them. Maybe just scroll thru and look at the pictures, or just read the PvP posts, or the ones about the Pirate life. Whatever you enjoy just know that I appreciate you, even if you do not appreciate me.

Life is complicated. As you continue to live it you will discover this for yourself. Perhaps something I've written in these pages might help you along your own path. That would please me. But mostly I write these words for myself and only hope that others enjoy them.

Keep the courage.

PS: This post is tagged Editorial, Blog, Eveoganda, Real Life and Opinion. I did that because it is an opinion piece about Eveoganda, which is a Blog that often includes Real Life issues. See how easy that is?


  1. My friend, I hope to (someday) kick back face to face and enjoy a bourbon and a cigar. Still crossing my fingers that this shitstorm blows over and you can return to a realish sort of life.

    There are some still behind you and Liz.


    1. Thank you my friend. I look forward to that day, I do so love a good bourbon. :)

    2. Thank you Random, a bourbon shared between friends is the best bourbon.

  2. We've shot at each other a number of times and I enjoy shooting your alliance. I would also consider you a friend and would sit back with you and talk over a drink anytime. I don't 'Hate' anyone in this game. I would shake everyones hand and enjoy meeting them.

    I will always be behind you and Liz :D


    1. Thanks m8 and likewise. I've never hated anyone in Eve, despite what some people might think. It is just a game.

      I hope we have the chance someday to share a drink.

  3. Keep the faith. All trials will come to an end.

    Ordered shirts for me and the Mrs.

    Remember, my turn to click past 50 this summer . . .

    1. Thank you my friend and thanks for the orders! 50 is no joke, it is insanely hard to believe and weirdly humbling all at the same time.

  4. I am proud to be a member A Band Apart, the great alliance that Rixx Javix built. I’m also proud and grateful to be a friend of Rixx and Omega. They are good people and they deserve so much more in life than what has currently been handed to them. Everyone I know in our alliance has sent them our best wishes and a desire to do what we can to help.

    1. Thanks Star, always appreciated and never taken for granted. Our Alliance is very special to me and I'm proud we have so many great members like yourself that make it feel like a huge extended family of friends. Amazing.


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