Blobber Sign

Like any hunter, I can read sign. The broken twigs, ruffled leaves, change in the breeze, the small subtle tells that broadcast where prey may be located or when... MALLER!! BAIT!!

Exactly. So yesterday I was out hunting in Mr. Biggles, my Fed Navy Comet (Intaki version), when I spotted the Punisher on scan. Now here is the thing, I'd been thru this system a few times already and noticed a few things. Lots of people in system but no one on scan... like, ever. This is a big sign. People are either hiding off grid, or in station, or they are all tired at the same time. And yes, this is one of those systems that is just a tad bigger on both ends that your d-scan. Y'know, in case you wanted to hide a small gang on the edges.

So I went in to a novice plex and started pulling range. In this instance I started slow burning towards the Sun. And sure enough, here comes the Punisher. This should be interesting. Pew Pew. Shoot and pull range, shoot and pull range. The idea is to get yourself off the beacon for when... oh look, surprise, the blob. Sun, overheat, and warp away.

That was cute. Nice try. Keep practicing and someday you'll get better at hiding it.


Later I sacrificed Mr. Biggles to hold down a Vexor until my Stay Frosty back-up could arrive. I consider that fair trade. More than fair considering I got my loots back.

And that was my hour of Eve last night.