Custom Alliance Wear

Bastion Wear now in the Rixx Store

Have you ever wanted to offer your Corporation/Alliance pilots cool swag, but always bumped up against the problems of cost, design, production, and promotion?  As an Alliance Executor myself I know the answer to that question. Which is one reason why I started the Rixx Store! Now you can offer your fellow pilots almost unlimited swag for reasonable prices (including worldwide shipping!) and let me do all the work for you.

We have dozens of shirt styles to choose from! Hoodies and Jackets! Mugs! Notebooks, Phone Cases, laptop bags and stickers, actual stickers, travel mugs, clocks, blankets, skirts, leggings... the list is long and it can get rather silly to be honest. But the important news is that you aren't just limited to a few shirts. And so far all the feedback I've been getting has been positive, the quality is very good.

I chose RedBubble for their wide selection, quality and shipping costs. And the quality of their printing. The store has only been up for a month now and I'm adding new content every single week! And so far I've driven over 12,000 visitors to the site! Which is another reason to lump everything together into one store, so that everyone benefits from the same traffic.

It's an idea whose time has come. So if you want to have your Alliance or Corporation's merch custom designed by me and available to everyone who wants it, just send me an email and let's do eet!


  1. Sooner or later, I'm going to have to ask you to make our official High Drag Podcast T's.


  2. Replies
    1. And the "Title Style" T-shirt and the ABA stickers and the Phone cases and ... I think I need to spend my tax return =Þ


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