Stay Frosty Ice Cream Truck

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Over the weekend my wife and I were trying to figure out a way to pay for going to Fanfest this year. Last time we went I sold posters in the Eve Store (the highest selling item at Fanfest btw!) and that helped tremendously to pay for our trip. But this year CCP is still selling my posters without paying me for doing so, almost an entire year now. So that door is sadly closed. So I was joking around about setting up a table outside Harpa and selling pictures or doing caricatures to make money. I mentioned this on Twitter and one thing led to another and this came out:

Which is the creepy stranger van version of Eve.

And that led to someone mentioning how perfect a Stay Frosty Ice Cream truck would be. The idea was so damn good I had to make one. So that is it up in the header. And I thought I should share it here for my readers to enjoy!

We are determined to make Fanfest this year somehow. So we'll figure something out. Luckily I still get free tickets thanks to Eveoganda being an official Fansite. (Thanks Logibro!) So that helps. The rest will take care of itself somehow. I can't say anymore without getting into personal stuffs and we all know how much people enjoy it when I do that!

Enjoy the purty free pictures.


  1. Rabble rabble rabble WHY YOU POST RL STUFF rabble rabble rabble

    Can I get a frozen rifter sandwich?

    1. Yes, even if we don't have an item you request in the truck we will run over to another ice cream truck and steal it for you!

  2. WHAT?!?! No one has made a joke about frozen clones yet....?

  3. So instead of Greensleeves, it's Below the Asteroids.

  4. a blue and white VW Type 1 camper van would be the best Stay Frosty Ice Cream Truck


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